So here we are, 100 years later, and it’s happening. Again. Or is that “still?”

We didn’t understand what happened last time the world decided to blow itself up — and we aren’t seeing it now. Depending on my mood, I blame it on poor education, international lack of honesty about how great nations became “great” nations. And, of course, greed.

God is dead and greed rules us. When saving a few pennies is, to a corporation, worth destroying a family’s livelihood and future, the world will continue to be a toxic muck.

So here we are again. Or, as I said — still here because maybe we never really left.

Lying to the public and each other with a determined willingly to believe the unbelievable because the lies make us feel better. Or less bad. Whichever.

Do we have to destroy ourselves before we look at our culture, our society, our world, and say “This is not the way? Let’s be better.” We need to be a lot better because there’s an awful lot to do. We better get to it.

17 thoughts on “THE TIME HAS COME TO SAVE THE WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. God isn’t dead, but I think He’s disgusted that we are doing the same old sh*t on a different day. He may have turned His back. I liked this post a great deal. It reassures me that I’m not being paranoid when I see such horror coming straight at us and nobody is even trying to jump out of the way. And the song “We Didn’t Start The Fire” that you shared recently is appropriate to the situation, isn’t it?


    • He was a journalist, sardonic, smart — and an historian. He said a lot more, too, though that particular one rings painfully true. He had the “Monkey Trial” and Teapot Dome” scandals to work with. We’ve got the moron.

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