AUTUMN FOLIAGE – Marilyn Armstrong

As good as it gets 

The rain and the wind came and went and surprisingly, we still have a lot of foliage left. I expected to find it all on the ground today. There is a lot of it on the ground, but more of it is still on the trees.

So, from the beautiful wooded Blackstone Valley, here is our Autumn — as good as it gets.

Garry took a lot of these pictures, too. He was out on the road and this time, he took the camera with him!

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10 replies

  1. Love it! A true cold front came through and mornings are childish (40s) and daytime perfect 60s!


  2. It’s beginning to look like home to me.


  3. You two could do a coffee table book on the wonders of autumn. Gorgeous photos. 🙂


  4. At least you still have your Autumn and a very nice one it is. For photos, it is really the best time of the year.


  5. I always ‘hear’ your claims of too much of one thing or another and I believe you entirely. But one thing has to be said: When it is beautiful, it is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL…. such a great collection of wonderful shots!


    • And that’s New England. It’s stunningly beautiful, even at the worst of times. I always wanted to live here, even when I lived in New York and we used to come up here on vacation or to find the perfect pumpkin or see the leaves. No place is better than in New England. When we are doing it well, it’s amazing.


  6. it’s cold. hasn’t warmed up much since that snowfall.
    hoping for lots of chinooks this year.


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