Fishing Boats and a Scarlet Sunrise

Dawn in Rockport. If pictures look familiar, Rockport, Massachusetts is one of the most photographed locations in the U.S. Not only is it highly photogenic, but it is also an artist’s colony.

Just before daybreak

First light

It was July 4th and I set the alarm for 4 am. It was still fully dark, but luckily, the place we were staying was across the street from the harbor. No hiking was involved, Having done this before, I had my clothing, camera, and anything else I thought I might need already set out.  I dressed in just a few minutes and got moving. By now, I knew I needed long sleeves, pants, and socks. July in Massachusetts is overwhelmed by mosquitoes. The only thing that makes it bearable is a breeze of at least six or seven miles per hour.

No breeze. Not even a hint. I knew I was going to be breakfast for a lot of skeeters.

Perfect sunrise

Almost day

Homes along the shore in the reflection of the rising sun

I was not the only one awake. The fishermen were rigging their boats. They would be gone by the time “normal” people opened their eyes. They seemed immune to the biting menaces — or maybe they were counting on moving out to the Atlantic quickly and leaving the mosquitoes behind.

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  1. Such exquisitely spectacular pictures! It is a haven for photographers no doubt, and I can certainly see why. What a joy!


  2. What is it about water, harbours and sunrise that is so enchanting?


    • Rockport (Massachusetts — there’s another one in New Hampshire and also in Maine) is particularly lovely. Classic, really, with all the boats all neatly lined up in the harbor. And everything is JUST the right size, too.

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  3. stunning photos Marilyn, well worth the bites!

    I suspect the Fishermen don’t have the blood type that mosquitoes love. They have now found certain blood types just attract them


  4. What beautiful shots.


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