I took a lot of pictures along the river. Marilyn is processing a half dozen at a time.

Meanwhile, some squirrel and bird news! In the last week, our deck has been covered by dozens of baby squirrels. I think that the mamas and papas took them as soon as they could climb to our deck and said to them: “Be joyful children for on this deck, there is always food.”

The road between the river and canal

Both Owen and Marilyn have gotten up early enough to see the madness. At six-thirty in the morning, they are on the feeders, on the steps, climbing up the pole and down the banister and across the beam. Chasing each other around the deck and actually fighting each other for a place on the feeder.

This morning the decision was made. The feeders will stay empty for a few days. The squirrel babies will have to discover the forest and the trees. The birds haven’t even had an hour when they could feed. I have a feeling (but no pictures) that we’ve been massively hit by flying squirrels all night. They too have probably been breeding up a storm and are bringing their floating kidlings to the deck for seedy delights.

I feel sorry for the birds who looked downright mournful when they couldn’t get any seeds. They sat on the railing looking at the empty hooks.

We didn’t mind some squirrels, but this was a three-ring squirrelly circus. All they needed was a marching band.

And some of those squirels fly!

If we feel things have calmed down, we’ll try putting the feeders up next week. This is the time of year when you can see birds you’ll never see the rest of the year. Maybe the break will calm the creatures. We’re also going to try and buy a lot of corncobs for the squirrels. Maybe if they get something they like better, they’ll leave the feeders?

Of one thing I am sure: all the feeding has raised the squirrel population here from a few squirrels to an awful lot of squirrels, both leapers, and flyers!


  1. I’ve seen these guys fight off a bunch of woodpeckers and blue jays — and they are tough birds. I think it’ll take crowsto get these guys to move along. I don’t want them hurt. I just can’t live with that many squirrels.


  2. Sounds like you’re being over run😊. You need some nesting mocking birds. I saw one chase down a squirrel on my back yard fence and pecked him in the butt!!😊



    • It looked like a 1920s silent (but it wasn’t silent) cartoon with critters running around. Even letting the Duke out didn’t help. I don’t think our 12X12 deck was built to harbor two dozen or more squirrels.

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  3. They will enjoy the corn more than the seeds…. but knowing my gluttonous friends as I do, they’ll just see both as an endless buffet. The birds can always do a “flyover” on the squirrels if they’ve had enough of them. You don’t think it would work? Pity because I’d like to move them to their own eating grounds so everything can get its own meals. Then again, those flying squirrels have been cleaning us out too, so we are probably doomed.

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    • I’ve seen them try, but the squirrels have gotten VERY possessive of the feeders and the whole deck. There’s a lot of squawking, hissing, squealing of birds and squirrels and the squirrels ALWAYS win because they are a whole troop. So MANY OF THEM. And all little ones — half-size squirrelettes!


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