We are waiting on the appraiser to finalize this refinance which is pretty much set to go, minus the appraisal — which i think went pretty well. It takes about a week for an appraisal to come through and it’s just been three days, so I’m in waiting mode. It’s the pits. I’ve got contractors who want to start working and until the refinance comes through — or doesn’t — I’m just hanging on a hook and swinging with the wind. It is my least favorite activity.  At least we’re paid through August for the boiler, so at least THAT can start on time. But if I lose the contractor for the backside of the house, he won’t be available for another couple of months.

So that’s where WE are. Waiting for the other shoe to drop — or not. I think it will. I have a good feeling about this, but a good feeling isn’t the same as money in hand.

Meanwhile, temperatures are up around 100 degrees with humidity to match, at least through tomorrow. After which it will drop into the 90s or maybe high 80s. This is the time of year when it usually is the hottest and most humid. A good time — in any other year — to vacation near the ocean. Get those cooling ocean breezes! Even the birds don’t want to come out. It’s too darn HOT.


Are you a clean or messy person?

I am painfully neat, but I was a very messy child. Proving that you actually CAN grow out of childhood habits. The dogs and the rest of the family are not nearly as neat as I am. So I try not to leap out of me seat every time something is out of place.

If I asked you to describe yourself in five words – what would they be?

I think I’m too old for five words. But writer would be one of them.

Do you enjoy being out in nature?

It depends on the temperature and the bugs. I am happier on cooler days, very unhappy on days like today which are extremely humid and very hot and full of mosquitoes and flying jaws. I have to admit, though.

The Blackstone Canal

My tolerance for things like outdoor toilets has diminished. I like comfortable beds, good wi-fi, and fresh coffee. I camped when i was younger but these days? I want my bed!

What could you spend all day talking about?

Anything, pretty much. I can talk the hind legs off a donkey when i’m in the right mood. But if I’m NOT in the right mood, i find myself trying to remember how to talk. I love talking about history, politics, and the last book I really loved. Climate change. Our appalling government. Science fiction. Bring up the right subject and I’m on it.

As for gratitude: I’m holding my breath for this refinance. I also have a plan B if it doesn’t work out, but I need things to move a little faster, please! I hope by the autumn I’ll be able to actually go out without worrying that the next person I meet might infect me! That would be a big piece of gratitude.

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  1. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World DESPITE…despite the humidity and uncertainty and no-seeums and all the rest. You could honestly add “enduring” to your list and not blush!! I’m with Sadje too – you left off “photographer”! Our age adds wisdom to our beings, embrace your wisdom!! Heh (easier said than done, hmm?) My most positive thoughts that things with the refinance get resolved quickly and to your benefit! Let your contractor have some patience in him! And let C-19 decide it’s done and let it leave. That would be uplifting!!


    • The problem with contractors is that they live from job to job and if you can’t hire them, they have no deep pockets to keep going. I told him we have $2000 on board, so if that is enough, we can do it. Otherwise, we have to wait for more money. Sad, but true.

      Writing is my soul, photography is my hobby so I tend to think in words. These days, people would really rather look at pretty pictures and I can hardly blame them. Life sort of sucks for everyone, one way or the other.


  2. You’re lucky if you can find a reliable contractor Marilyn. We were planning an addition and in the process to get three quotes – one asked how much money did we have? another was going through a marriage breakdown and never produced a quote and the third guy wanted a enormous amount ($775.00 a sq. foot) I think he was preparing for a TV career – a mister fixit, to see how much money he could squeeze from the unsuspecting client. Not only that he was likely to cause a lot of damage in the process that he would not be responsible for. We’ll postpone this one….

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    • We have found two for the house, one plumber, and a good exterminator. One is expensive, but does really good work. The other does what he can to reduce cost (using second hand windows, for example, but with our permission — can save a LOT of money — and our plumber is amazing. All very local people. But we’ve also had frauds and scammers and just plain BAD contractors who took forever to get the job done and it was always more and more money. In Boston, it’s REALLY bad.

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  3. I would say that you’re a “ writer, and a photographer par excellence”

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