We really hoped that — if nothing else — the change in administration would give us a break from hating the news. I was deluded. These days, it’s the advice that’s killing me. Suggesting we use daily hospital grade masks. Since the pandemic started I have never seen any of them for sale at any price, anywhere. I haven’t see a bottle of Purell either. All or our masks are cotton and are probably worth very little as disease preventers. Meanwhile, they warn us we should hurryup and get vaccinated.

It’s not for lack of trying.

I spent three hours on the phone this morning trying to find ANY location where I could make an appointment for Garry to get a vaccination. I am not eligible yet because unlike every other state, Massachusetts doesn’t include people with underlying co-morbidities — or people 65 or older — to sign up. Not that it would make a difference since there’s no where to sign up. Not a hospital, clinic, or anything. There is not a single place to get a vaccination anyplace within a 100 mile drive from home. Exactly how do you hurry to get something that is not available? Our hospital is supposed to get in touch with us about this, but of course they haven’t. I don’t think I should hold my breath, either.

Garry (and eventually, me) is eligible for vaccination — but there are no vaccines in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, New Hampshire seems to be doing fine with giving out vaccinations. What’s our problem here? Everyone suggested I call the governor. Smiling Charlie is still smiling, but he has nothing to say.

They have opened dozens vaccination sites, but none of them have available appointments. We’re supposed to wear double masks — of which should be medical-grade — but medical-grade masks have been unavailable at any price since last March.

So. Where are the vaccines? How come other nearby states (like New Hampshire) have them but we don’t? Why is making an appointment so difficult? Especially for the older crowd who aren’t all that good at working online, this is like wading through quicksand. Maybe there ARE vaccines somewhere, but they are saving them for someone special and we aren’t special enough?

As the new variants of the disease move in, it gets increasingly dangerous, especially for those of us who are old and have underlying co-morbidities. I have no doubt that this virus will, should it get a chance, kill me. I would like to stay alive for a while. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Our rollout is just about to start but I will be about halfway through I think when they start on people over 60 with no underlying medical conditions. Government has said that everyone who wants it will be vaccinated by the end of October (I doubt it) so I reckon I probably won’t get it before Easter, possibly later. No travelling for me before that.

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  2. Yep, same here, Lancaster, California. No place to get the shot. Spent all day yesterday on-line. One form took about 45 mins to fill out and when it said click to schedule appointment their calendar was blank. Hopefully you will get an appointment soon.


    • I finally got Garry on the line to maybe get a vaccine should his name ever be called. It’s about 75 miles away, but there’s no place within 50 miles of our home, so it’s going to be a long drive regardless. I’m not even eligible being merely 73 (with 74 just a few weeks away), despite heart and other issues. It’s infuriating. And they are only schedule five days out, so I’m going to have to do this every day — and of course, no one works on the weekend. I hope I live through the experience.

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  3. IF I saw any medical grade masks here, I’d buy a few and send them along. If I were you guys, I’d be on the phone every single day to my physician and bug the snot out of that person to get the vaccine. You BOTH ‘qualify’ in my opinion. This bullshit about eliminating those with co-morbidities which are serious (as yours are) shows that the political ‘leaders’ in your state are wandering around with their heads up their rear exits. I know you’re tired and discouraged, but damn make some NOISE about this. The persistent phone calls might garner you at least some answers.


    • The problem is (because really, that’s what I’m doing anyway) is that there are no vaccines in this county. I was online yesterday and early this morning and there’s nothing within 50 miles of us. Every OTHER county has a “super vaccine” location, but there’s none in Worcester Country. For some reason, we are the county that no one counts. The pharmacies have nothing, the doctor has nothing, the hospitals have nothing. My guess is that wherever the vaccines are, they aren’t anywhere near us. No masks, either. There never were any and there still aren’t any.

      How pissed off am I? Extremely. Can I do anything about it? Not really.

      But even the super sites have no appointments. Basically, we’re shit outta luck.


    • I’ve got the answers. There are no available appointments. Anywhere except way up in the Berkshire Mountains and that’s not a single day drive.


  4. This is an outrageous situation! What does your doctor have to say about all this? Doesn’t he offer any solution? What are they doing in Boston about shots?

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    • Nothing except that he doesn’t have any vaccines either. Everyone tells me to call the governor. Right. I have his number on my phone (sure I do).


  5. Our Gov is mad because FL was singled out for bad rollout of the vaccine. Truth hurts, doesn’t it, buddy? How is it that all appointments are booked as soon as sign-up opens? Oh, and now we decide that tourists don’t count as residents so are not allowed to get a vaccine. This is all pretty nuts.


  6. I’m surprised that MA is in such bad shape. I was just at Market Basket on Monday and they had shelves full of medical grade masks – they are single use, so expensive if you wear them all of the time. Of course, you only need them if you are indoors in relatively tight conditions. I am very rarely in those situations, so… Anyway, I hope MA starts getting more vaccines soon. (My parents, in Ohio, are in their mid-80s and got their first shot last Monday. My dad is the type that has been hospitalized over the flu, so he -cannot- get Covid-19.)


    • We live in Worcester country, the county that has nothing. We have no super site for vaccines — and that includes UMass which is a HUGE hospital. The pharmacies that are supposed to have vaccines don’t nor do any of the private doctors. You’d think with all the bragging about quality medical care, that by now they’d be doing at least as well as New Hampshire, but we are pathetic. There are NO vaccines for Garry and I’m not even eligible being merely 73 and the heart condition doesn’t apparently count.

      Pathetic. Made worse because we don’t live where the rich people live.

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  7. It’s NOT too much to ask.

    Definitely something hinky going on.


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