FOTD – March 13 – One Hoya in the sun by the window

I’ve been growing this little plant for a couple of years. It is lovely. It is also too heavy for the pot it’s in, but it has a really tiny root system, so I can’t really put it in a heavier pot. Instead, I have is slightly propped up by nearby plants. It look very pretty in the window yesterday. There was just the right amount of sun to set it off against the window behind it.

Hoya in sunlight

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  1. This is pretty, but I thought this was a Jade plant at first. They look similar to you?


    • Hoyas are a type of plant. There are a LOT of them — including the Jade Tree. There are ones that hang, some with huge plump leaves. The hanging ones look just like a Jade tree, but instead of growing up, the branches trail. They look really fragile to me. I think if you touch them funny, all the leaves fall off. The problem with the whole genre is that they are fine until they fall over and everything falls apart. A bit delicate.

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      • Thanks, Marilyn! I learned something new. My cats are way too curious about everything, so I don’t keep plants in the house, which I sorely miss. I so envy your indoor plants–so pretty.

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  2. that’s so pretty!


  3. Until now when I read this, I know the name of the plant I had in my garden. Thanks, Marilyn.


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