FOTD – March 19 – Anthurium, ivy and a couple of orchids

A rainy day is perfect for by-the-window photography. The sky is bright, but the plants and flowers by the French door come out well-focused and free of glare and sharp shadows. I loved the combination of the red flower, the green leaves and ivy and the dark branches of the Norfolk Island pine.

These are the very leaves of Ivy that so effectively hid my orchids during their formative stages thereby saving me from the high anxiety as I wait nervously for those buds to blossom.

Two orchids and it looks like a lot more to come

Okay. Just for the record? Although individual pictures and the mosaic work, all the other multiple pictures functions do NOT work. They never finish loading. Presumably WordPress will fix this since it’s an actual software problem. But then again, WordPress doesn’t have a great record for fixing software issues.

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  1. It’s a pain isn’t it getting your photos to look just right ..I’m constantly having to delete and reload!


    • There’s a glitch in WP’s software. As far as I can tell, clustered pictures (more than a small mosaic) never load, no matter HOW many time I try. Effectively, it doesn’t work. That’s ONE problem. The other is the complete lack of basic minimal editing tools. You can’t just pull in a picture and set it up after it’s downloaded. You have to download it and edit it — and there’s no simple way of doing that. It’s slow, tedious, and makes me feel like giving up before I start.


      • It is such a pain, especially with the comments for the photos, if you change the structure the comments disappear. It takes forever to do one of my longer posts because of this


        • I know. It takes at least twice as long to edit to text .

          When you get to photographs, except for individual pictures and simple galleries, I can’t get the photographs to load at all. Moreover, when I want to add a new picture, it doesn’t recognize its dimensions (height and width) until I download it, and title it. All these things I used to do in a single step. Now it’s at least three steps or four steps before I insert it into a post. I hate the way the captions show up in galleries. Who wants captions in the middle of the picture?

          I find myself reluctant to even start a post because I know it’s going to be a long, tedious process and it’s not fun anymore. If it was just text, I could cope with it, but as a photographer, this is a pathetic format. It’s complicated without giving you anything special to make the extra effort worthwhile. Just deleting a “pre-formatted” section takes minutes rather than seconds. It’s a big deterrent to creativity.

          If you’re a writer/photographer careful about editing, this is a lot of extra work for a result that doesn’t look better. I have a couple of months to figure out what I’m going to do, but I’m an unhappy blogger — not because I don’t know how to use it.

          I KNOW how to use it. I STILL hate it.


  2. Your photos taken are so beautiful Marilyn, I love them, I save the two orchids. Thank you for posting them up.


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