Sharing My World as we head for the end of March?

Are you kidding? What happened to January and February? For that matter, where did the year go? Is it coming back? Will we have another one? Inquiring minds want to know.


If not now, then when?

Everything is now. We have run out of “when.”

Can you describe your life in a six-word sentence?


Do you remember that thing people used to say, about how you swallow eight spiders a year while you sleep? It’s not true, but do you think you’ve ever swallowed any? What bug do you think you’ve eaten the most of by accident?

Why did it have to be about spiders? Make it snakes or frogs. Anything but spiders. I just learned we are all eating plastic. Maybe the spider will eat the plastic and die. We live in hope.

What’s the best approach to resolving conflict?


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  1. Time is definitely flying by. Great answers to the share.


  2. Do it NOW! I’ve missed out on some great stuff by thinking I’d get to it later. THERE is no later.
    Life: It’s not easy being stupid. (Oops that’s only 5 words).
    Bug eating: Who said it was a accident?
    Conflict?: Try love. Everything else just creates Karma.

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    • I think about five years ago, we realized that “saving for the future” was no longer a sensible option. If we were going to do anything, we had better hop to it. It turned out to be a lot more true than we had ever imagined possible!

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  3. I’m also wondering where this year has vanished to. We are in autumn already. I really like your picture up front and I laughed at your Q&A.

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  4. Thanks for Sharing Your World Marilyn! This year, perhaps to make up for last year, is speeding right along, isn’t it? I had high hopes that Spring had truly sprung out here in the West, but today it’s bitterly cold and it snowed a bit *sigh*…if we had squirrels, they’d need that lush winter coat like the one in your beautiful photo! It’s nice to see that at least birds and beasts can get along and share without rancor that way! We could take a leaf from their handbook! Great answers all!

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    • We are beginning to get nicer weather, but the earth hasn’t caught up with the sunshine yet. Also — March isn’t spring in the northeast. No matter what the calendar says, we don’t get anything like spring until April or May. We sometimes just skip it entirely and go straight to summer.

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  5. I think your second answer should have been “I am indescribable in six words.” 😉 I agree, lying is often a good way to resolve conflict… and one that is too often used!


    • There are just some questions — like “Did you sleep with him/her?” Answer? “NO!” Anything else will get you in deep doo-doo,

      “Do these jeans make me look fat?” Answer? “NO!!!!!” Not the right time for your best fashion sense to kick in!

      Clearly there are times when honestly is mandatory, but for so many little things? Save yourself for the important stuff. Don’t waste time on the small stuff. Not worth the effort, especially when you are likely to forget the next day what it was you fought about. Or so my life has taught me 😀

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  6. I can describe my world in one word “complicated”.

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  7. Haha! Love your last response. 😂



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