Last on the Card – May 2021

As usual, I left the card from yesterday in the reader so all I have to do is take a look and see what’s there.

I used a slightly more processed version of this picture already, but this IS the last picture on the card. The one immediately before it was so similar it could have been the same. So I just made it a bit smaller and signed it.

Overall, my indoor flower pictures come out consistently. I have a macro lens I use and I know the light very well. Unless the dog gets in the way, all the pictures come out pretty well.

I didn’t use this one because the flowers were so wilted. It was the very end of the rhododendron blooming period

This second one was taken with my Panasonic ZS-80 which is my “too lazy to carry a lot of equipment” camera. It has a 24mm to 750mm lens. That pretty much covers anything I’m ever likely to bump into. I don’t think it has the quality I get from my Olympus lenses even though it’s a Leica lens (but not one of their highest quality lenses), but it’s decent. And convenient. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like hauling the bigger camera and multiple lenses.

And that’s it for May. All flowers all the time. I bet June will be pretty much the same.

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  1. Love the first photo Marilyn The colours are fabulous. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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