Almost the end of Treesquares

Since this month is just about over, I thought I’d just find the best remaining square trees. I really have many more, but it’s hard for me to find them. I keep trying to organize them, but somehow, it doesn’t happen. I mean well, but I get tired just looking at them.

We haven’t been out shooting much. Between the rain, the heat, and the bizarre changes caused by COVID variants, we consider going out, but don’t seem to ever quite get there. i think we are both still a little afraid of getting sick.

It has been a real pleasure treeing with you all this month. Enjoy your summer or winter, depending on your side of the globe. We’ll meet again in (I think) October, which is always my best photographic month of any year!

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  1. Marilyn these are beautiful. Organizing is so tedious. I struggle with that too. I’ve been working on tagging, but there are so many categories for each picture. I hope you both stay safe from COVID.


  2. Wonderful photos of your remainder trees! Especially the one with the little red shed.


  3. oh Marilyn this is such a beautiful post, and your words strike a chord with me. I’ve hardly gone out too for the same reasons as you. What a month we have had. Here’s to a great August for us both, and like you I am looking forward to October. You are going to like the theme!


    • COVID has gone up in this county — this underpopulated RURAL county — by 248% in less than a week and about 150% state wide. It’s actually worst in tourist areas. Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket — but mostly, Cape Cod because the Island’s don’t get quite as much out of state traffic. Are we going to do round three? Will it EVER end?


      • Yikes, that is not good. I suspect we are going to be living with it a while til we get vaccination rates up, and grasp the need for continued distancing and good air flow


  4. so nice marilyn! Enjoy the rest of the summer šŸ˜€



  1. Tree Reflections – The life of B

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