Yesterday, Garry and I spent hours restoring our huge comforter into its cover.

The comforter is 120 X 98 inches (305 by 299 cm). It’s called a “Super King.” There is one bigger size. It’s not wider, but it is taller. Garry and I didn’t need something longer. We are short people. Anyway, this comforter is mostly feathers and weighs a ton. I have dreams of being trapped in bed. When I wake up, I am trapped in bed.

Finally, it’s ON!

With Duke sharing the bed, the cover began to feel a bit “outdoorsy.” We had to wash the cover. Now we needed to stuff it back in. This is a maddeningly difficult job. I wasn’t good at it ever, but with a comforter of this enormity? Oy.

There’s a coverlet over the cover

Almost three hours later, it was almost right. Not quite, though. I was pretty sure it was wrong side up (or down) — depending on how you look at it. At some point, we got tired and gave up. This morning, I unzipped it and turned it around. NOW it fits. Finally.

It’s exactly like putting the biggest pillow in the world into a giant pillowcase. Since the cover was almost as expensive as the comforter, they could add one more zipper which would make it a thousand times easier to manage.

There is only one answer. The Duke needs to sleep in his bed or on his blankets –not our bed. Not only does Duke take up more bed than Garry and I together, but he goes out and comes back covered in sand and dirt, then jumps in with us. The time has come to change things. We have to do what we really aren’t good at: discipline!

We brought two of his blankets and some toys into the bedroom. Even though he threw us many dirty looks, he got the connection between his bed, his blankets, toys, and sleeping down there.

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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  1. I hope he adapt to the new sleeping arrangements.


  2. It’s a horrible job. We used to have a king-sized bed and getting that giant cover on the doona was really difficult. I practically climbed inside it to get the corners right. I tried those clips that are supposed to anchor the corners in place while you stuff it in. They didn’t work that well. I hated hanging the cover on the line after washing and as for airing the doona itself, well, I didn’t do it as often as I should.
    I have a single bed now which is easier but Cindy can’t sleep on the bed with me. I bought her a very nice (and expensive) bed and she understands she has to sleep in that.


    • I think Duke is pretty comfortable on the blankets, but he’s barking like crazy at night. I think he has to tell all his pals in the how mistreated he is.

      I basically DID climb into it. I STILL got it wrong. Until the Duke starts to take showers, no sandy, grubby dogs in our bed, please.

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      • I don’t suppose you even want to think about trying to give him a bath.


        • No, I don’t. He’s too young, too strong, AND we don’t have a bathtub anymore. Just a huge shower. We’ll take him to the groomer when the groomer has time, but right now they are all booked until?? I couldn’t even get him in to have his anal glands dealt with. They are too busy too. The whole world is suddenly too busy. I’m not sure I’m still in the same world I was in a few years ago. It doesn’t FEEL the same.

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          • I do have a bathtub but I can’t lift Cindy into it and her arthritis is too bad to climb in. She never liked it anyway. David and I used to take her to a dogwash at a local petrol station. I couldn’t do that now though because I can’t lift her. She weighs nearly 30kg. What I usually do now is to get several buckets of water and an old jug and take her out in the backyard and wash her that way. It’s still difficult because I have to hold her with one hand and wash with the other. Mostly I just brush and comb her a lot with a steel comb and rubber glove. Naomi’s dogs are smaller so she can do them in the laundry tub although I have to lift Teddy for her. She can’t do it anymore.


  3. I don’t know how you do it. We have a queen/full size duvet and getting it inside its cover is job enough for me. I am proud of you, Marilyn!!


    • It was desperation. I HATE that job. If they made the zipper go around two sides — A double zipper so you could at least reach inside and get things lined up, but this was a nightmare. I had trouble with a king size one, but this thing is HUGE. I’m glad I got it done, but it’s going to be a LONG time until I do it again!

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