CFFC: Crooked or Squiggly

Crooked? Squiggly? I’ve got water, clouds, and twisting trees against a sunrise. Tis enough. T’will serve.

Waves and pattern in the marina
Patterns on the river. The lines are actually reflections of trees along the shoreline
A break in the clouds as evening arrives
Lighted path at night
Bending trees at sunrise in a winter woods

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7 replies

  1. For a woodlander like me, Bending trees is beyond lovely.
    I yearn for a chance to sleep in the woods again but where we live now, trees are scarce.
    Alone, a night in the woods, rain, cold, wind or whatever, the wood speaks to those who can hear.
    I feel gifted that I am one of them.


  2. Reflections make great squiggly lines. Brilliant idea Marilyn 😀


    • Thanks, Cee. Those reflections in the river were a one time only event. I’ve never seen reflections quite that sharp yet abstract again. Just the light that day. I might have used other things, but I could not remember where they are.


  3. I love the tree reflections abstract and those bare trees against the sunset!


    • Thank you. Bare trees are what I see when I look out my window in the morning. It’s beautiful, but it does make seeing the moon and stars impossible. Those black tree reflections on the river were a rare moment when the light was just right. I’ve never seen it again. Very glad I took pictures that day!


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