CFFC: Connects you to the present moment

Birds and other wildlife around my home is my primary connection, but the few potted plants I’ve managed to keep flowering despite heat and dryness are important too as are the orchids, the last of which are still blooming.

Normally, photography would be in the mix. I have taken some pictures, but it has been too hot to go outside for more than a few minutes.

Supposedly the heat will break tonight. It was supposed to rain last night, but — what a shock — it didn’t, though there have been lots of scattered thunderstorms in the area. I should mention that according to Weather (maybe it ought to be Whether?) dot com, it IS raining.

Owen says on the other side of Uxbridge, it’s pouring. People called to tell him, but there was no rain here or in town. I suppose we are on the “dry as a bone” side of town. I want to think all the water will go into the same aquifer, but we could use some of that wetness up top, too where the parched leaves and flowers are gasping for water.

We have had clouds, but no rain. We still live in hope. Maybe later.

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  1. It’s 10:30 and we are a wonderful 63 and cloudy today. Yesterday we had a rainshower. It’s been a nice break. Beautiful photos for this week. 😀


    • Yes, it’s in the low 70s today and it rained overnight. I actually didn’t have to water the plants this morning! More rain is supposedly coming — finally — tomorrow and over the weekend. I was outside and it was so nice to not feel like I was being fried or boiled.


  2. Lovely pictures Marilyn. I’ll gladly do a rain dance for you.


  3. 👌👌👌👌📷🤗

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