Fandango’s Provocative Question #195

What do you think of Trump’s digital trading cards? Do you think it reflects a sound business and/or political strategy? Do you think it’s ridiculous and is something undignified for a former U.S. President (and 2024 presidential candidate) to do? Or do you have no opinion one way or the other?

We actually have an ex-president who wants to sell cards of himself as a sheriff, astronaut, superhero through his own (are you ready?) online-store. He said — this is a quote: “I was better than Lincoln, better than Washington.”

Fandango wants to know if anyone actually bought one since the entire collection sold out in ONE day. Trump’s followers are either not very bright or have so much money they don’t know what to do with it.

The New York Times said this link.

Actually, I don’t think there is anything I can say that hasn’t been said by Colbert or some other comedian on television or online. I don’t care who bought them. I’d rather not know why they bought them. If we didn’t know what a complete asinine moronic megalomaniac Trump was and is, we couldn’t miss it now. I mean, seriously, this is so over the top and ludicrous, it leaves me speechless. Normally, nothing leaves me speechless.

And yet somehow, we elected this idiot as our president. It gives one serious pause for thought on so many different levels. Who are we, as a country? What happened to us? What’s the point? Is there a point?

Anyone have any clever answers?

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  1. I feel like more and more governments are elected on the strength of the popularity of the leader. This seems so wrong to me when that popularity is based on image alone. I think this is particularly so in the USA because it is a Presidential system where one person has precedence over the parliament in people’s minds at least.
    We have it too to a certain extent. Polls even ask “Who is the preferred Prime Minister” I find this a stupid question because The PM will be the leader of the party that gets the most votes. But I have had conversations with people who said they would vote for a particular party because they liked the leader (based on what they saw on TV) . That is where we are to blame. If we won’t take the time to understand what a party stands for and what the consequences of their policies might be maybe we do deserve what we get. Unfortunately, those of us who do care just have to lump it.


    • It isn’t supposed to work like this, but this does seem to be what’s happening here and everywhere else. The president is supposed to be the chief administrator, not “the guy in charge.” Somewhere along the line, the country has drifted into electing a head honcho, but it didn’t happen recently. This happened very early in our history, during our first fifty years of being a country.

      The same is true in other countries. It happened in Rome and they went back to being a dictatorship. Their republican period only lasted a few hundred years until along came Julius Caesar and the republic was no more. It seems to me that this is happening in many places in Europe — despite those countries being parliamentary. Germany and France, for example.

      Governments change. No matter what the constitution says, people mostly have never read the constitution and could care less what it says. Our immigrants studying for the “right” to be officially American know more about our government than American born and raised here. It’s sad, but thus it has been since the beginning and so it continues.

      Is it failure of education? A failure of intelligence? Or stupidity among people who could learn but don’t want to be bothered with actual facts and information.


  2. I’d like to know too if there is a point and if there is what it is! xo


    • HOW can there be so many mentally deranged people willing to pay money for something that has NO value and never WILL have any value? I’m lost. This can’t be the same planet I used to live on. This has got to be some kind of parallel universe where all this weird stuff keeps happening,


  3. Let’s see, I can give 99 USD to get some fake digital pictures sent to me online? What a pathetic money grab this is! The sad part is that many in the Trump cult gave him their money for this.


    • His offering sold out in one day. Clearly, whatever this nation used to stand for, a lot of our citizens are on a whole different plane of existence. I sometimes feel like I’m living on another planet — a parallel earth where all these weird things keep happening.

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      • I saw a series earlier in the year, Vice Versa, about people who didn’t actually die but went to a parallel universe and took the body of someone else who didn’t actually die but went to their universe. The problem was how to get back home, if that was at all possible. It kind of feels like that sometimes.


  4. Most other ex-presidents maintain a relative low profile, but Trump’s very survival apparently depends upon having his name in lights and in very large letters and his always being in the spotlight. I wish he’d just go away.

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  5. He’s a joke (a bad one). I don’t think he expected to win, but when he did he was happy to keep on shoveling in dough any way he could. What interests me is this: are his fans in on the joke or do they take him seriously? Either way, millions of people will vote for him again 🤮

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    • “The problem with political jokes is that we elect them.” It’s a quote, but I don’t remember who said it. To say that we have far too many people with too little education and terrible taste is subtle, but it’s the best I can do with this incredible crapola.

      If someone, by some means he gets re-elected and the world falls apart or blows up? We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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