Is it me? Or does everything whack you all at the same time?

I finally got to the dentist after so many cancellations that I simply couldn’t cancel it again. Good thing I didn’t because while I don’t have any cavities, there is some unfortunate news.

Both my front teeth are cracked all the way up and down and have to be replaced with crowns. Which is NOT covered by Medicare except for a small piece of it. That will leave a huge chunk for me to pay.



I plan to keep my teeth, one way or the other.

I think this is when credit cards come into the picture. There’s no way I can pay for heat, electricity, Garry’s new and repaired hearing aids plus my two front teeth. I’m a very good sport, but I want my front teeth.

I have been trying so hard to save money, but prices of everything have jumped way up up up and there’s nothing I can do about it. Just our utilities this month — oil for the boiler and electricity — were $1200, I haven’t paid them yet. I’ve scheduled the electricity, but I’m not sure where the money for the oil is coming from.

I sure hope nothing in this house breaks because we are out of money and I forgot to buy a lottery ticket.

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  1. I had a crown break about a year ago, and an out-of-town dentist put a filling in but told me I’d be lucky if it lasted 45 days. I went to the dentist when I got home, he gave me an estimate of $2,000, and I’m still walking around with the filling. The price of dental repairs is absolutely outrageous. We’ve been having to get the propane tank refilled once a month, and the cost goes up every time. We’ve been able to come up with some cost saving efforts with regard to electricity but not heat. Constant worry.


    • Dental care is terrifying. At least Medicare — at least ours — is covering cleanings and a bit more, but two crowns for my two front teeth is a major investment and the toothless look? No, I don’t think so. Someday they will fix our medical “system” … such as it is. I wonder if I’ll be alive to see it!

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  2. I can totally relate! Just last week I had veneers on my two front teeth! They had been bonded for years but that wasn’t an option this time. So I def know how expensive it is! I mean, there were other things they could have done, less expensive, but I think it’s important to have a nice smile so I agreed. The result is actually amazing. I hope you can do it and will enjoy it, too!


  3. I know folks dealing with gum problems because they didn’t get their teeth fixed – you definitely don’t want gum disease! Good luck – I hope it warms up a lot where you are!


  4. Maybe it’s time for a declutter to make some valuable cash for these important essentials?


  5. Oh dear, Marilyn, things do all seem to come together sometimes. The healthcare system in the USA really needs an overhaul.

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  6. Boy do I relate! I have to take Nitro in to the vet on Friday, and I don’t know how I’m going to pay, if he needs blood tests, x-rays, etc. I don’t know if my vet takes a payment plan. I’m hoping they do. Xx

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  7. I get the picture. Things are very bad here too.


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