Last week, Garry and Tom recorded two episodes. Today, with a west coast special guest, John Corcoran, they recorded what will become Episode 6. No problems, no issues, nothing came unplugged. It went by in half an hour with maybe 10 minutes in the beginning to talk about what they wanted to include. This is where professionalism came in. They all knew what they were going to talk about. They discussed it, decided who would be “on” first, then they went on, talked, and it was done.

The next good thing was the light. It was a bright day, so I actually got some pretty good pictures. Of course they are just pictures of Garry, but we will be at Tom and Ellin’s place next week so I can finally get some pictures with both of them alive and together in one place. They will record together there. It just keeps getting better!

The Duke of Uxbridge, our Executive Producer

When I get the next episode link, I’ll add it.

Tom's Control Room
Tom’s Control Room

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  1. The light was good and flattering to both Garry and the Duke. Will he be going to Tom & Ellin’s with you? Or will you have a guest producer. I know they have a dog although I have forgotten her name.
    You are all really getting into the groove of this thing now aren’t you?


    • They have two dogs, both bigger than The Duke. We took him with us last time, but it drove Ellin and me crazy because adding a new dog to the house just made everything so BUSY. Lots of barking, little warning growls, each dog annoying another dog because, you know, they are dogs and dogs do that. It didn’t bother Tom, but the women thought it was a bit “over the top.” Owen will be here. The Duke will be fine.

      Yes, we really have gotten into it. For Garry, it’s great to get back on camera and it gives him something to think about and plan. It gives ME something different to write about. And all those stories are (mostly) fun and funny. There are others that are not funny at all, but I think the serious ones will wait in the wings.

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      • Good idea, get people laughing and engaged with some of the funny stories. I’ve read some of the ones they have told so far but it is fun to hear them tell them in person. Later, people may be ready for some of the not so funny things because they will know Garry and Tom by then.

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  2. Gotta love that executive producer! Good photos of Garry too.


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