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What’s a typical or average day look like for you from when you awaken to the day to when you retire for the night?

I finally give up trying to sleep. I listen to whatever book I’m into for maybe an hour, then I get up. I feed the birds, give Duke his treats (can’t forget THAT one!). I make coffee, though whether I’ll ever actually get around to drinking it is a whole different issue.

Then I open the computer, take a look at the mail. If it has climbed to more than 300, I start to delete everything that isn’t a personal message, a bill or a receipt. THEN I answer comments. Sometimes I write something, or I go take some pictures and process them for posting later in the day, usually at night. Some time in there, I wander into the kitchen and figure out what I’m doing about dinner. It helps if I’ve defrosted something, but if I haven’t there’s always eggs and cheese and potatoes, so I will then make cheese omelets with home fried potatoes, with or without bacon or sausage. I used to make pancakes (griddle cakes to some of you) with maple syrup, but I began to find that too sweet.

Now almost everyone in the house is cutting way back on glutton so there are more potatoes, less bread (a LOT less bread) and essentially no pasta.

What has been your most well-received blog post to date, and what made it unique to your blog for it to become so popular?

Breaking this down, I am definitely the most active blogger with an average daily output of between 2 to 6 posts. In the past two years, no more than three and lately, just two. I’ve been doing this a long time and I don’t feel a need to prove anything anymore.

  1. My “Home page/Archive” has 214,000 views.
  2. Descending from the Golden Horde: B+ and Me has just under 15,000 views. It has been reblogged a couple of times, so it’s probably has several thousand more under reblogged names.
  3. The FBI Can’t Do A Simple Google Search has 11,000.
  4. Gazing Through to the Other Side has 7,150.
  5. The Jonestown Massacre has at least 15,000 — probably more. I publish it every year under a slightly different name, so it has many more hits if you add it all together.
  6. Where Do The Swans Go is at 4,700.

There are more, but that’s enough.

I think the big winner for a single day is Rich Paschall at 1,700 for Angel Comes Out.

Tom Curley got 1,400 for There’s Got to be a Pony in There Somewhere and 1,300 for Darwin Awards In Danger Of Being Cancelled Due To Too Many Candidates and a few others.

Garry had several that garnered more than a thousand each including his biography, Remembering Dad on his 100th Birthday, and another dozen or so that each hit around 800 or more.

Ellin Curley got quite a few that hit between 800 and 1000.

NONE of these — except Rich’s piece — got all of their hits on a single day.

Serendipity has been around for almost 12 years. It holds more than 13,000 posts and about a million and a half views and lord only knows how many comments. For most of its years, I have posted every day unless I was too sick to write.

We peaked in 2017 and got 170,00 views that year. We have been slowly dropping since then, a little at a time.

This is what I expected when I decided I needed to do less blogging and more living. Despite what everyone tells you, volume counts, at least statistically. More posts? More views. It’s not a mystery. I still get approximately the same number of views per post as I used to get — but I’m only posting once or twice — not five times a day or more. I decided that when the number of daily posts exceeds the number of fingers on your hand, you ARE spam.

Do you trust the internet?

Trust it for what? For accurate news? For cute pictures of kittens and dogs? For honesty? Give that a “yes” on pictures of kittens and dogs. Otherwise, seriously, are you kidding?

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14 replies

  1. Good and interesting answers Marilyn. I used to post a lot on the Guy blog, well l did for a while l guess when l was going through the honeymoon period and l agree despite what people say, volune does count, but it all starts to get a little bit tedious and time consuming after a while.

    When l started the new blog l was on four daily, but once l started getting busier and busier in real life, l had to prioritise – what was more important? The blog or real life? Well – real life. So l slowly cut from 4 to 3 a few months ago and that was fine, but now l am even busier than l was back then, and time doesn’t grow in trees sadly.

    So in last few weeks l made the decision to hit an optimum of two posts daily and as long as l posted once a day if l couldn’t achieve 2 l no longer worry about it.

    Like today, Suze and l were working flat out from 9am – 5pm and l handballed three tons of composts and Suze was busy with fencing, we are both shattered and at 8pm as it roughly is now, l have responded to all the comments, now l am off to bed – yep – night 🙂

    Thanks for the great answers 🙂


    • It’s hard to know when enough is enough. It’s hard to cut back, especially if you were very involved in “stats.” Fortunately, once I hit a million views, I stopped worrying about stats. I sometimes take a look to see how individual posts are doing. It’s often the only feedback I get.

      Two a day works pretty well, so far. I try to split it between one post that’s mostly text and another that’s primarily photos. This depends on whether or not I’ve taken any new pictures. Right now, I can only take flower pictures because my orchids are blocking my window. I need to rearrange pots to make sure plants that need sun will get some. There isn’t any other window I can use, but I’m thinking about putting up a glass shelf for the smaller plants, but that will make it even more difficult to take pictures of the birds and the deck. Having only one window I can use for indoor growing is inconvenient. I’m considering putting in another shelf in the living room — it has less light (trees and shade) even though it’s a western window. But some of the plants won’t mind less light.

      Indoor gardening if you don’t use artificial light gets more than a bit complicated! Especially when ones indoor plants really ARE the garden most of the year.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do know what you mean. We have plants inside the house also, there are literally only a few places for them to be in this particular house style on the main street in town. Windows and light and the positioning of the sun makes things awkward at times for plants. Luckily we have – not a conservatory – but an extended dining area to the kitchen which has a skylight. 95% of our house plants are under that area.


  2. Hi Marilyn, your last answer gave me a good laugh. Gosh, your stats are great (for all of you). I think posting 2 or 3 times daily is amazing. I only write that many posts in a week.


  3. Wow! You have had very popular posts.


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