I just learned the actual spelling of Burrillville. Everyone just calls it “Burriville.” You’d never know there was a double “L” in the middle of the word. The pronounciation of the word has long since eliminated that extra “L” sound. But indeed, this IS the name of the town and it’s just down the road. If you take the street on which we live and travel straight south, you’ll come to Burrillville and this little park.

Fishing is allowed. Swimming isn’t officially allowed, but we’ve seen a lot of youngsters come here and jump off the rocks for a quick dip in the cool waters of the Blackstone. It’s not very deep and the most danger you’ll encounter are trout, not known for their aggressive behavior. Sometimes you will also encounter geese and herons too. Mostly trout.

A peaceful afternoon by the river. We were alone by the river and the river was, as ever, beautiful.

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  1. Very beautiful, Marilyn! I just returned from a 5 day “great outdoors” escape to a place with beauty such as Burrillville.


  2. You live by a beautiful river — I’m glad you got out to see it!

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  3. The water looks enticing. I might jump in on a hot day too.

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