4 thoughts on “Black-Eyed Susan With a Bee — Macro Monday!

  1. I can see your dilema in this photo. Yellow is a difficult color flower to maintain detail in the highlight areas, especially when trying to retain any detail in the contrasting dark center. You almost need to under-expose the yellows and work on pulling back details from the center. That requires specialty software. Nice composition.


    • It is processed pretty dark and I held quite a lot of detail, though I think it doesn’t display nearly as well as I thought it would. When I was processing it, it looked much better. That was on the big high def monitor. It looks much duller on my laptop (768-1300). I’m not sure what that proves except that everything looks better on a brighter, higher definition monitor! And I guess I really knew that. Now I want an even BIGGER monitor, but this is built like a mac (in fact, it’s a total copy of a mac), so the monitor IS the computer. I’d have to replace the whole thing. Which is why I know if I’d get an all-in-one again though not having all those wires has been really great and a big improvement over spahghetti land! All in ones are really laptops .. they are classed as laptops because they are built out of laptop components (I didn’t know that until after I owned it). I don’t mind, but it does make them hard to upgrade. Like laptops, they tend to just get replaced.


      • I’ve owned a couple of laptops including a Toshiba Satellite and discovered that because most have an Intel graphics chip set instead of of a dedicated graphics card like desktops that they are not compatible with some Photoshop Plug-in software such as OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite. 😦


        • This is a straight Dell PC running Windows 7. It’s compatible with anything that runs on windows. It’s got 8 gigs of ram, a 1 TB HD, a blu-ray reader/writer, Holy Mackeral HD, and a 1.5 GB graphics board I wish I could upgrade. I have a 3 TB continuous backup running, just in case.

          I’ve had this for a few years and it hasn’t given me any trouble at all. It does everything I ask of it without a hiccup. It just there is no wiggle room, no upgrading. I’m looking at the future. Unlike all previous desktops, I won’t be able to hang onto the monitor because the monitor IS the computer.

          At the moment, it doesn’t matter, but eventually, it will. I knew what I was buying, so I have no right to complain.


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