Autumn is New England’s super saturated season. In a good year, when weather cooperates, the trees look electrified. The color can be so bright it seems impossible, unreal.

Not every year is vintage. Too much rain, early snow, too warm and autumn will be dull. Sometimes, a big storm will strip the trees before they change color, because fall is also hurricane season. But — when it comes together just right, it’s breathtaking. Amazing. These pictures are from the last great autumn. I’m hoping this year will be another. My cameras are ready.



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  10. You’ve done it again. Almost makes me miss the alluring magic of new England. I’ll check back in February and see how that’s workin’ for y’all. 😉


    • I could live happily without another winter. Ever. But since that’s not happening, I seek inner peace and concentrate on how pretty it is. Rather than how cold and messy and expensive. Not to mention slippery and dangerous. Garry is depressed from the first snowflake until the flowers bloom again. He loves winter, too.

      On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 10:19 AM, SERENDIPITY


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  13. Wow! The trees hereabouts just seem to drop dirty brown leaves, unfortunately. Obviously New England is more colourful than “Old” England in the Autumn (my part of it anyway!).


    • It all depends on the weather. If the weather is just right, everything lights up and we have one of those glorious Autumns for which New England is famous. Too much rain, and it’s all brown leaves. No cold snap? Dull colors. Early snow? No leaves at all. Last Autumn was a goody … until the rain came and washed it away, but we made it all the way to mid October before the weather killed it. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this year. So far, it’s been cool and dry, nearly perfect conditions. If the weather holds …


        • Our weather is completely unpredictable. Last fall was perfect until suddenly, it wasn’t. The year before, it snowed in September. But three years ago, magnificent. Also 5 years ago (I have the pictures to prove it) was incredible. But you never know. Autumn is fragile. And Cornwall, at least when I was there, was beautiful all the time. I climbed the cliffs at Land’s End on a dare. I just didn’t look down while I did it. I was younger, then.

          On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 12:28 AM, SERENDIPITY


          • One of the things I admire about you is your ability to see the beauty of your environment. I spend so much time living my life (job, shopping etc.) I forget to look around and see what’s there.
            I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Cornwall! I think you’d find it hasn’t changed very much.


            • I saw a lot less of my world when I was working. Sometimes I left when it was still dark and came home when it was dark again. Not much time to savour my environment. But. Photography has been my hobby since I was 22 when I was given my first camera and that does sensitize you a bit to your environment. You don’t see everything, but you see pictures. Frames. It is the thing I both love and hate about photography, that I tend to see the world as if through a camera. Sometimes I’m so focused on how I would shoot it, I forget to be in the moment. It both alerts you to things and also distances you from them.

              You’ll have time to enjoy your world more when you are less busy. And that comes soon enough, so enjoy your now 🙂

              I was in Cornwall … among many other places in England … for July and August 1979. It seems like yesterday or a million years ago. Both. It was beautiful.

              On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 12:39 AM, SERENDIPITY


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