I just read a post on Facebook warning me to store my eggs pointy-end down to keep them fresh longer. This is the kind of important issue I’m prepared to deal with this snowy morning.

Today, I’m going to worry about which my eggs are pointing. Really. Even my health food obsessed mother didn’t worry about positioning he eggs properly.


I’m sorry if I am a disappointment to egg lovers the world round, but I cannot be bothered to check the positioning of my eggs in their cardboard beds. I feel proud of myself if I know whether or not they are too old to eat. Sometimes, the eggs are so old, I’m not sure during which calendar year I purchased them, much less which of their little eggy ends are up.

Honestly, of all the things I to worry about. I think I’ll slip my concern over the position of my eggs neatly between my fears about the failure of world peace and the failing ecology of our planet. Which brings me to … The Daily Prompt.

WordPress suggests I make a case for the continued existence of my favorite person, place, or thing. To keep him, her, it or them from vanishing, without a trace. I hope no one is counting on me. I can’t come up with good reason I shouldn’t vanish. I have trouble figuring out why the human race should not be obliterated.

I think eggs should be spared. Pointy or blunt end up, I’ve never known an egg to do anyone any harm.

Do or Die – You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

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  1. God!.., I wish this was something I actually cared about….


  2. Oh dear me. I just went to my refrigerator to see how my eggs were positioned in the carton. They were not positioned with the pointy end down. However, I think that’s the least of my worries. I looked at the carton and it had printed upon on end an expiration date of August 31, 2014. I guess it’s a good thing there were but two eggs left in the carton.


    • You had an expiration date? Cool. No dates on local eggs, so I have to remember when I bought them … and If I can’t remember, I figure I should treat myself to new eggs. I bet this post made a lot of people look at their eggs, then try to remember how old they are. Pointy end indeed.

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  3. I’d write a nice long answer to this post, but I’m chicken.


  4. We don’t have a choice in the matter. Our 2 dozen eggs are delivered to the front door every other Sunday at 6.30 in the morning. They are locally laid and go straight into the big wire chicken-shaped basket on the work top. We can just get the last of the 24 eggs in the top, with them sitting in random directions. Being completely free range they are delicious and don’t last long enough to subject them to a freshness test. I think they like being in the wire chicken; makes them feel at home.


    • When the roads are passable — unlike right now when I wouldn’t try to drive to our local dairy farm which is less than a mile away — they have the best eggs and the cheapest. The chickens used to roam completely free, not even fences, but I think the coyotes and foxes were beginning to take a toll. So now they live in big fenced yards and you can go down into the refrigerator under the barn and take however many dozen eggs you want and stuff the money in the coffee can. Except we don’t have a wire chicken. I envy your wire chicken.

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  5. The only way I can tell if eggs are fresh is to put them in water and see if they float. Floaters get tossed and any egg that stands gets boiled. 🙂 I toss a lot of eggs. ha!


  6. The importance of the pointed end of an egg is not to be ignored. Once a year there is something called Easter and it is custom in Switzerland (along with a few other countries) to colour your eggs. They are not just to be eaten, first of all there is a competition. Two persons at the table take a coloured egg, hard boiled, and they attack each other’s egg one at a time, the object being to crack the other persons egg first with the end of your egg. The pointed end is the best attacking end to use. If your pointed end goes kaput, then you are only left with the blunt end which is not so good. Mr. Swiss being Swiss always beats me at that custom. I am always left with broken pointed end eggs, and then as revenge he breaks the blunt ends as well. I know this sounds complicated. Just imagine two people, each one with an egg. You strike the other persons egg with your egg at one end and he does the same. The untracked egg wins. Oh, this is so complicated. Otherwise we generally get through a box of eggs in a week which contain 10 eggs in Switzerland.


    • I had Turkish friends who did this too with boiled eggs. They beat me every time because I had no idea what I was doing. 🙂


    • Easter Egg Fights? Are they televised? Is there an Olympic event? I can see this as an Olympic event, definitely. The hushed voice of the announcer. The gasps of shock from the audience as someone’s egg gets cracked and they are eliminated. Upset victories by tiny countries — Lichtenstein could be a contender — and national depression as a team goes down to eggy defeat. The hopes of triumph dashed on the cracking of a simple chicken egg. (up music)

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  7. Marilyn, I agree. Eggs are harmless and should be left to their own devices. On the other hand, I have a really important rule about cracking them…. 🙂


    • I used to be almost obsessive about 2 minute medium soft-boiled eggs. I had egg cups, special knives to properly behead them. I’m also compulsive about their preparations and wonder why I forget them for long periods. But I always rediscover them in the end.


  8. From my experience with eggs (I actually did some candling of eggs a long time ago) the pointy end went down because if revealed the true size of the egg. If the other end goes down it tends to sit higher in the egg carton giving the appearance of being slightly larger in size. I’m all for keeping eggs.


  9. It’s much more important to discuss whether we should eat brown eggs or white and if either contain gluten.


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