Silent – Photo Prompt – from Sue Vincent

Photo: Sue Vincent

They had reached the top of the long, stone staircase. A little breathless, they stood in the flickering sunlight, looking down into the mill stream below them.

“The walls have ears,” commented Melissa.

“They’re just old, stone walls,” replied her husband.

“No,” insisted Melissa. “They have ears. Real EARS. See? Look, over there. See? They’re ears? Can’t you see them?”

He looked harder, squinting … and then, he felt a gentle push. And he was falling, falling … and distantly the sound of tinkling laughter. Was that the sound of walls … laughing?


    1. It’s Sue Vincent’s picture. I believe it is indeed an old mill. Exactly where it is, I’m not sure. She includes that information in her original post and it’s worth taking a look. She has great pictures of the English countryside and many ancient sites.

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        1. I’ve never tried it. But you’re right, that’s not the point. I think the template is broken. It’s happened to me before. But I LIKE this one and don’t feel like working out the bugs in a different one. I suppose I’ll have to consider it. This is an old one and every time they “update” the software, another piece of it stops working.


            1. I’ve had this happen before. If I could get someone amongst the WP “happiness engineers” (talk about an oxymoron!) to pay attention, they’d fix it … if it is fixable. But. Unless there are a few others using the same theme who have the same problem, no one’s going to pay attention. I once (briefly) bought a template. It was the worst! So much of its functionality didn’t work at all … and I PAID for it. They couldn’t entirely fix it, so they gave me my money back. I have since stayed with “free.” At least if it stops working, I don’t have to feel I’ve been scammed.


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