I have finally acknowledged that dog toys are not a permanent solution. You have to get new ones. Regularly.


It’s like drugs for dogs. Furry toys, squeakers awaiting a good, toothy scrunching. Amazon puts some of these Kong toys up as “add-on” specials, so when I buy something else, I get a new toy.

A rare shot of Bonnie NOT asleep!
A rare shot of Bonnie NOT asleep!

I’ve given up on “regular” toys. Only Kongs. The others look cute, but they are too soft, too fluffy. The soft toys will be dead toys before the day is out.

Please not the excellent quality of Bonnie's beard. She has such and impressive beard they always leave it very long when we bring her home from the groomer.
Note the high quality of Bonnie’s beard. She has such an impressive beard they always leave it long when we bring her home from the groomer.

I always let Garry give them their new toys because he loves the ritual. It’s hilarious. He puts the toy in the basket with the others. Bonnie steals it and puts it all the way in the back of her crate.



Gibbs waits until she’s busy doing something else, then darts into the crate. Comes out with the new toy and heads for the doggy door — with Garry running after him crying out: “NO, only in the HOUSE.”


Garry actually stopped everything and insisted I get the camera, too. This was important stuff. I had to take important photographs!

9 thoughts on “NEW TOY, OLD DOGS”

  1. Thank you. Glad you like it. This was ACTUALLY supposed to go up in about an hour, but i guess I hit the wrong button. Again. Sometimes, I type a sentence with 5 words and have 7 typos in it. I just keep getting worse.


    1. For me it’s Garry running them down on the way out. Gibbs does it every time. the other day he came back IN with a toy we haven’t seen for months. I was amazed it was still in pretty good order. There must be a dozen more out there 🙂

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