Here comes another month with a new set of words to choose from. I hope you will like my selection and that you will find at least one word to work on. Here it goes: projecting, arresting, pastoral, convex, communal.


jupiter najnajnoviji

28 thoughts on “WORDS OF APRIL”

          1. I know, right? Our weather changed in a blink from snow to people out using bondfires. It’s quite astounding how quickly the weather changed not only for us but I hear for many areas and countires. I saw pics of England snowed under quite literally, and now planting gardens. Just astounding really.


            1. But that’s not unusual in this part of the world. The winds change and suddenly, the weather literally makes a u-turn. It’s not even late, yet. Early April is still chilly, but as the month moves on, it really will change. Overnight.


  1. I love the interpretation of these words, Marilyn 🙂 It is cool that you shot them in one April too. “Arresting” is such a captivating shot, “gulls” are one of my favourite subjects and this is a particularly fine capture, love the interpretation of convex, projecting is an unbeatable classic and communal will cheer up the community. Brilliant – as the Novelist said before me! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Paula. This has not been a month for shooting. We’ve had ONE nice day. They rest have been cold and rainy. But it could get better in a hurry. Just really bad weather on this coast. Not as bad as down further south, but bad enough.


        1. Usually, sometime in early May, the weather gets really lovely. Unfortunately, we are going to have more caterpillars, so I’m just trying to talk my way through it. HOpefully, this will be the last year of them.


      1. It is one awfully day here too. We went grocery shopping anyway because we are having a birthday party tomorrow. They say it might even snow in the evening. YUCK


  2. I actually have a photo of “arresting”…. as in, a traffic stop that turned into an arrest that occurred on my street back in January. I have yet to share those photos on my blog for a variety of reasons (though will eventually), but I’ll bet it’s not something most people outside of the news business have in their archive…


    1. Garry doesn’t have it in HIS archive either … but he has seen a lot of it. Hey, I found a dead person in my condo parking lot one morning. I had to call the cops, so I was late for work. They yelled at me. Sadly, no pictures.

      I was kind of upset about it, but the cops were unfazed. I guess they see more of it than I do.


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