Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sky

I’m looking at the sky right  now. Like pretty much every day for the past few weeks, it’s gray. Overcast. A bit of rain, ten minutes of sunshine. Then, the clouds are back. And it’s cold. Not bitterly cold like winter, but damp, bone-chilling. Not the kind of weather that makes you feel like going out there and doing something. Or, for that matter, doing anything. I had my hopes high for a reasonably nice day because I really wanted to take some pictures.

Maybe tomorrow.

Trucks heading into the sky

Sundown at the marina

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Almost sunset at Scorpion Gulch



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  1. These are truly amazing. It feels like you keep getting better and better shots every post!


    • Some days are better than others. There are days where everything comes out just awful … and even more where the pictures are okay. Okay is pretty normal, but sometimes, they are better. I try to show those better days 😀


  2. Don’t be afraid of a little rain! 🙂 Get out there and take some photos!


    • I could, now, because finally I have a waterproof camera. And a waterproof lens. I don’t mind light rain, but pouring rain? Not so much. I will shoot in very heavy snow, however — and often have. Until now, I always worried about water and the electronics of the camera. Finally, I don’t have to.


  3. Oh that moon is something else.

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  4. Marvelous skies for this week. Thanks Marilyn for playing along. 😀


  5. How perfect is that moonlight sunset 🙂

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  6. Every so often, Garry gives you a run for it with his photos, doesn’t he, Marilyn? 🙂 Beautiful photos, you two.

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  7. Very good moon shot. So many moons but I never get that perfect photo with all the details.

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    • We were down on Cape Cod on the beach. It was a full moon and I had a long lens on the camera. Otherwise, I never get the shot. You can’t get it from this house — too many trees. Even around town, there’s just too much STUFF. You need a clear night, a full moon, a long lens and nothing in the way. Then, it’s easy. It’s all about placement 😀

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  8. The sun was actually out all day today, which was a minor miracle for this Spring. I took advantage by getting the grass cut since two more dreary, rainy days are on tap starting tomorrow. They’re promising the weather pattern will change to an extended dry period once this round passes through, but I’ll believe that when I look out the window and don’t see the rain cascading off my roof….

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