The weather — suddenly, the way things happen locally — turned warm and sunny today. I’m itching to get outside and shoot some pictures, but my husband made a date with someone (he’s late and I wonder if he’ll even make it) so I don’t know if it’s going to happen. But we are moving — finally — into summer weather and I’m itchy to be outside. So I guess this is when I realize that I’m going to write a little less.

My writing crew has moved to summer mode. The Curley’s are out on their boat. Rich is off on vacations. Garry is just being Garry. We aren’t going anywhere — I wish we were, but the money isn’t there. Nonetheless, we aren’t glued to our keyboards.

Is this the revelation of summer? It IS summer. Time to do something . I think I’ll pick up a camera and see what’s going on outside!

We got sprayed again and the past few days of rain may finally have (I hope, I hope) moved us past caterpillars and into some good days, though it will be too hot for comfort before I swirl around twice.

Next time I see you, I hope I will have pictures!

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  1. looking forward to the pics- these are great- especially that swan. It is 90 here today- summer has arrived!


  2. I know that feeling. We had a long, wet winter and at times I had a little cabin fever. There never seemed a good opportunity to go out and take pictures. Not having the transport was a big part of that for me too.


    • It really has been nasty. Cold, damp. And we don’t have ANY flowers. No roses, no lilies. Green, yes. So I picked up some pathetic orange begonias today. They needed a helping hand, but they are pretty sad and I may need to go back and get something healthier.

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  3. I know how it feels to have itchy fingers on the camera. I have now got a new routine and time being enough I do my photo trips in the early evening after we have eaten – not always but when I feel like it. It is cooler and the light is good. Of course it is according to how my energy levels are.


    • I know. I’m just restless. We finally have some sunshine and Garry is out doing something with movie making. I’m here with no car (but my granddaughter did call and ask me if maybe i’d like to buy her a car … Uh … no, but i appreciate you thinking of me …) and the flowers are still not blooming. However I did actually see some buds. First time I’ve seen them, both on the roses and lilies. There IS hope! But i am terribly restless. After all the rain and cold, I need to do something a little different.

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  4. It’s become quite warm here too, Marilyn. Do take some lovely photos to delight us when the weather gets nasty. Have a great weekend.


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