Nazis strutting their stuff in America? Street violence? An insane president marching us backwards through time? Today I watched the white supremacists get swamped by the protesters in Boston. They had every cop in Boston out there, not to mention every TV reporter — in a pool, no less. One announcer said she thought the WS had made a speech, but no one heard it and anyway, they’d given up and gone home. After that, it was more of a picnic and less of a demonstration.

To put it musically, Boston ain’t their kind of town. I am grateful for small favors.

This is not by any means the first violent time through which I’ve lived. At my age, you’ve been through Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, a variety of Lebanese adventures, a few strange wars in central and South America. Minor war in Grenada. Let’s not forget eastern and central Europe and the cities I still can’t spell or pronounce. Don’t forget Africa, either.

Ferdinand, the Bull

I’m sure I’m missing at least a dozen more places where we’ve sent troops to fight. I’m not sure what the fighting was about. I may have known at the time — or thought I knew — but it’s years later and you could tell me anything and I’d look at you like you have two heads — or believe you — because your answer is as good as any other.

I am clueless in a world full of violence and danger, where congress is made up of spineless wimps and the president is probably a right-wing fascist.

I remember the rioting in many major American big cities in the sixties and seventies. The explosion at the federal building in Oklahoma City. 9/11. I know what happened, thought I’m unsure why. The Muslim far right hates us, so they blow shit up. Well, the American right-wing hates me too … and I wonder how long before they start blowing things up? Why not? They’ve got the President on their side. Where’s that underground bunker when I need it?

Nothing makes sense any more. I need a time out.

I don’t want to go deep into the past. Who’d want to go far back anyway? It wasn’t less violent and it was a lot more primitive. I want to go back … maybe a few years? Would that be okay? Take me to a respite between riots and racial violence and American Nazis. A short space between local or non-local terrorists. To a minuscule interval — maybe during Obama’s presidency — when I could watch the news and not see the world going to hell.

I want a brave old world in which everything isn’t crumbling. Where all the good I thought we’d done wasn’t falling down as I watch. A time in which we hadn’t elected this horrifying asshole as president. Where lawmakers enacted laws and there was a reason why stuff happened.

I’m still half hoping that “now” is a terrible nightmare. Soon, I will wake up. The world will (again) be a place I recognize.

Is that too much to ask?

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  1. It’s a little off-topic, but I picked this up off Twitter with a picture of the President looking at the eclipse without his glasses!: “The big orange gaseous blob that will one day kill us all – looks at the big orange gaseous blob that will one day kill us all.”


  2. I thot the pot needed stirring …
    but this is over the top.


  3. It’s hard to believe that it was only 13 months ago at the Republican National Convention that Trump officially was crowned as the GOP’s candidate for POTUS. It seems like a lifetime ago. Oh how I long for the good old days before Trump made America great again.


  4. The world seems to have lost its balance. I have seen a lot in my time and just when you think it couldn’t get worse, it does


  5. It seems to be getting stranger and stranger!

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  6. Nope. Not too much. The majority of us want this.

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