Share Your World 12/11/17

Poor Cee has been hit by Internet issues that have persisted for quite a while. I’m sure it is driving her bonkers. It would certainly make me crazy. Be well, Cee and I hope you are able to sort it out very soon. These questions were created by Riddle from the Middle – real life with a side of snark. Thank you for stepping up!

Is your second toe longer than your big toe?

Yup. On both feet. They aren’t a lot longer, but they are long enough to make getting shoes which fit kind of tricky. I would probably have size 8 feet, but with those pointy toes, size 9. I used to be able to pick up stuff with my toes. Pencils, for example.

Also, my middle fingers are longer than my index fingers — on both hands.

I don’t think this means anything much, mentally. I’m sure it means something genetically, but I got my DNA done and it told me what I already knew. Jewish. Very, very Jewish. So very Jewish, there isn’t even a sidebar of non-Jewishness. I had hoped for a shot of something … exciting? Weird? But … well …

On the other hand, no one can be “all Jewish to the beginning of time” unless you want to assume that Jews have existed since the beginning of time. While I am impressed with the longevity of My People, I think the beginning of time is an eon too long. When you go back far enough, no current or modern religions existed. Humanity started as pre-Judaic, pre-Christian, pre-Islamic, pre-Hindu, pre-modern. Once upon a time, I’m pretty sure we all worshipped the sun, moon, earth and sky. I often think we were better off.

What happens when the dogs dream?

I know what happens, but I don’t know what they dream. They seem to be running. Sometimes, they yip in their sleep. Are they seeing uncatchable squirrels? Or unreachable balls? Or an untasted treat? I’ve asked the dogs, but they never give me an honest answer. Dogs. They lie. Like dogs.

What’s on your closet floor right now?

Bags. Mostly, computer bags. I have had a lot of computers and each of the bags was to fit a particular computer. But I don’t have those computers … but I still have the bags and they are very nice and … well … you never know when you’ll need a computer bag, right? It’s like camera bags. You can’t REALLY have too many of them. Well, maybe you can.

Name five books on your bookshelf.

I have almost everything written by James Lee Burke. Everything written by Kim Harrison. Everything by Gretchen Archer. And then, I have a lot of other books. This is after doing everything we could to cut down on the volume of books in the house.

Most of the small paperbacks are gone, but many of the remaining books are first editions of authors I love. Many of them are signed by the authors. I think some of them have become valuable, but since I’m not selling them, it doesn’t matter.

Name something that inspired you this week.

We should change this to something I really enjoyed this week. I don’t get “inspired” very often.

Actually, that’s not true. Let me backtrack.

I am inspired every day when I write and often, I am inspired by something I see and leap to my feet, grab a camera and go take pictures. I get tons of inspiration for the things that I do and that is why I do it. That little shot of inspiration is what art and writing are all about … for me. Those pointy little ideas that leap into my head from seemingly nowhere, which then connect to some other disconnected thought that has been lurking deep in my brain. And it all comes together in something I wrote.

Evening sky over Uxbridge

This is not a weekly inspired moment. It’s a daily jolt of … something. Maybe it’s a writer’s thing. How else could we do it? It is absolutely why I write, why I take pictures. That little jolt of “seeing” is the bottom line of writing for me. It is how connect all the strange thoughts roaming around my head with the larger world.

Most of this week, we spent with Tom and Ellin. I suspect we were all inspired and also, we had a really good time. Thanks, guys.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. I saw this one, but at the moment I am trying to take it a little easy with challenges and decided to skip. I find feet are a stupid finish to the legs, I never really like them. Perhaps because mine are big and have a few strange lumps and bumps which have arrived over the years. My books are mostly in the cellar, I have become a Kindle person. Lovely sky you have there.


    1. We get some very pretty skies here, mostly in the spring and fall. Around the solstice, we get beautiful sunrises — sometimes downright fiery.

      We have books in the basement, too. We have a lot of bookcases and though we’ve given away hundreds of books, we seem to have an unlimited number of them. I don’t actually read real books anymore. Anything I read is on my Kindle … and I do a lot more listening than reading. A LOT more listening.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Freezing rain is really dangerous so maybe a gentle snow that doesn’t amount to more than an 1″ would be okay. (I’ll permit that)


  2. Bags… I’ve got ’em. I never use ’em. But I’ve got them. I’ve got big bags full of little bags — bags o’ bags if you will. I might need them someday. I hoard very few things, bags are one of them.


    1. Sadly, me too. I also give them away, sometimes quite forcefully, as in “TAKE THIS PLEASE!” I’m never going to sell them and I won’t throw out a perfectly good bag, but there are so MANY. And not just computer bags. Camera bags. Lot of small travel bags that since I don’t travel much any more, I’ll never use and besides, I really have a set of bags that I use all the time and all the extras are just … well … extras. It’s not just us, you know. Collecting bags is a “thing.” We are in very good company.


    1. The bookcase almost looks like a bookcase except for the pile of unsorted books on the front of it. No matter how many books I give away, people WILL give us more. It’s a thing. We are book people Our friends are book people. We have BOOKS … and when we are through, more books. Not that I don’t love them. It’s more like … “But where do they GO?”


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