A big thank to Melanie at sparksfromacombustiblemind for introducing this song to me. Talk about the right song for the moment …

It’s called “Don’t Lie to Me” …

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  1. powerful, truly powerful


  2. Thanks for the nod, but I borrowed it too. And put it on Facebook. It needs to go viral BEFORE people vote. If it doesn’t make a difference, then someone is not redeemable. It’s that poignant and right on point in my opinion. I was glad to snag it from “choosing my perspective” and to let people hear it. It needs to be heard.


  3. What a powerful way to use her talent.
    Her version of “Imagine” is pretty spectacular also.

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  4. When I first posted the song on my blog, I had no idea she had done a whole album! Bless her feisty heart! You go Barbra!

    Album, called Walls, comes out tomorrow.

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  5. What a great song and so well performed by Barbara. It’s so appropriate for today.


  6. I have quite a bit of Barbra’s music. I feared she was retired and wouldn’t make any more.
    One of the greatest Artists of our time.


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