ROSES AND OAK LEAVES – Marilyn Armstrong

Roses & Oak Leaves 

A few days ago, our entire property was completely covered by a full carpet of oak leaves. You couldn’t see anything but leaves and broken branches from the trees. The rain and wind have never quit for more than a day or two at a time.

The leaf vacuum crew came and cleaned us up yesterday and while we aren’t completely free of leaves … there are always more up there in the trees … we can see the deck and the driveway … and even the front lawn.

Late roses and oak leaves

Oak leaves in the ground cover

Of course, the rain and the wind are coming back. It’s going to be a bad week. Regardless, we’re going to be away in Connecticut for a few days, so the dogs and the weather are going to have to try and get along without us for a few days.

Leaves and the dog’s rope toy still wet from rain

The weather has gotten pretty weird. It’s hard to explain, but it doesn’t “feel” normal. The weather has always followed a pattern. Not the exact same pattern every year, but typically in late August, you’d see the first yellow leaves. Night time temperatures would begin to drop which triggered the leaf change.

Oak leaves

By mid-September, nights were chilly, even though the days were usually quite warm. By the end of September, at least half the trees had changed color and two or three weeks later, by mid-October, Autumn peaked. When we got lucky, it would linger a couple of extra weeks. If the winds didn’t rise and we didn’t get a lot of rain, you might still see quite a lot of fall right through November.

The last of the woods. Bare now

This year, spring never came. Summer started more than a month late and the flowers that bloom in May didn’t bloom until July. Some never bloomed at all. The dry days of summer never happened and the wind and the rain have continued undaunted and as far as I can tell, are not going to stop. Eventually, it will be cold enough that the wind and rain will become snow and rain.

We didn’t really have Autumn or spring. We’ve had a few days here and there, but mostly, it’s not the seasons. It’s just weather.

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  1. Beautiful those oak leaves, we’re getting a wee bit of that disgusting white stuff at the moment.


  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I especially love the first one with the roses and leaves. This has certainly been a strange, wet fall. we had our first frost here in PA less than a week ago, now they are talking about some wet snow in the forecast!


    • First, winter wouldn’t quit. Then spring never got here. When summer arrived, it decided to hang on well into October, after which it dove into wintry weather almost immediately. Simultaneously, this has been the wettest and windiest summer and fall I can remember. There really ARE no seasons. We have the same forecast as you. Exactly the same. I think the weather is rolling up from you to us!

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  3. Not that you need any more bad news, but our forecasters say next year will be an El Nino year, which means our Summer will be long, hot and dry ( -ER) Generally what we get in Summer you get the opposite Winter – roughly to scale. 😦

    Farmers in our Eastern States, already suffering a 3 year drought, are not happy about this ‘news’.


  4. There def are huge changes in our seasons. We in France had (once again) a terribly dry and totally rain-free summer. No more lawns, it all got burned by the unrelenting heat, shrubs of proud size sizzled up in the sun and died – some shot untimely blooms before giving up. Even my regular watering (with horrendous water bills!) couldn’t do what was needed, the trees with their much longer roots took what they needed and left nothing for the smaller growth. Now we have heavy rain and everything is covered in ‘mushrooms’, not the nice edible kind (well I wouldn’t even know) but the ones that multiply in minutes and I will never get all of them before the winds have thrown the spores all over the place….


  5. Weather wise it has been a strange year breaking records for no rain and plenty of sunny days throughout October. Last year we had a lost Summer because of the builders so the weather was then a secondary aspect


  6. Really beautiful! Messy but beautiful.


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