Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Funny

I have cheerful pictures, but nothing that that really makes me laugh. Well, the one where Bishop photo-bombed the shot was funny, but since he died, it’s hard for me to find it as funny as I used to.

Last night, Owen filled the feeders. The flat one was already empty. I think the bigger birds hit the flat one early in the morning and by the time I was awake, it was already empty.

There was a huge collection of birds out there this morning and afternoon. I wanted to take pictures, but I knew by the time I got the camera and got the door open, the birds would be gone, so I had to settle for my eyes.

There was a lovely red-headed woodpecker hanging on the feeder while all the chickadees fluttered around waiting for him to finish up and leave. Some people want to attract woodpeckers, other people want the woodies to leave them alone. They are very determined eaters and once they get into the seed, they don’t leave until they are good and ready. The other birds have to wait them out.

Happy, with dogs

Remembering Bishop, the photo bomber

I’m betting this is a very twisted woodpecker. They seem to be the only larger birds that really hang on the feeder. If he weren’t so twisted up, I could see whether or not he has a red patch on his head. There was a red-head out there today and I kept thinking “Hey Woody!” I know it looks like a dove, but I don’t think it actually is. But of course, I could be wrong. I often am. 

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  1. Birds are so easily spooked. If I open the door Cindy will go outside too and that will be the end of that so I have to settle for shooting through glass if I see something interesting. Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.


  3. Wonderful post and photos.. Happy Thanksgiving Marilyn and Garry!


  4. always loved that photo of Bishop ❤


  5. Would love to see the red-head one day! 🙂


    • The problem is getting outside without having him fly away. It’s easier in warmer weather. Right now, there are TWO doors to open and then wriggling out there to take the picture. Pretty hard to not make the birds fly away. I’m not quite sure how to do this yet.

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      • Living with the creatures you have previously mentioned i guess it pays for the birds to be skittish. Fortunately i don’t have that issue! 😉

        Maybe you could hang a feeder near a window? 🙂


  6. I am sure you get a good selection of birds. They startle and fly at the least movement unfortunately


    • And this time of year, we have both doors shut, the outside screen door and the dutch door inside, so getting out there quietly is impossible. I can sneak outside when it’s just one door, but with both doors shut? Not so much.

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