Christmas down by the Mumford River 
Another square for BeckyB

In downtown Uxbridge, they have decorated the park. I think this is the first time I’ve seen more than the snowflakes. They’ve been around for a few years. But this year, we have reindeer, an elf, a couple of snow guys and a big red sleigh. That’s huge for little old Uxbridge.

A snow guy along the Mumford dam in downtown Uxbridge

Since we have a park and a river and two dams in the middle of town, it’s quite decorative. Since we were getting dentistry done next door, I got lucky and took some pictures.

Time is a ‘wasting! It will be Christmas next Tuesday!

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21 replies

  1. It looks like a nice day! (I did not look too closely at the snow and mud!) 😉

    It’s also looking a lot more like Christmas! 🙂

    Happy Winter Solstice! 🙂 (Summer one down here – 41Deg C today! (106F))


  2. Love it and Mr. Snowman (love candy canes too) I have snowmen on my tree hehe


  3. A rather cheery place to go to the dentist.


  4. So cute, and looks a lot greener than the English Uxbridge!


  5. Nice decorations, Marilyn. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  6. Uxbridge looks lovely! Those of us in places like Winchendon understand how hard it can be to find the funding for elves and sleighs….!


  7. A cute cheerful guy! 🎅


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