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We used to depend on pizza delivery. I mean seriously. If you can’t get the pizza delivered hot and still smelling great, what’s the point? Except out here in the boonies — and even for Uxbridge, we are in the boonies — there aren’t many places that deliver. On their advertisements, they specifically mention that they don’t deliver to “south Uxbridge” — meaning us. And the prices kept going up. Not only for the pizza but for the delivery. It was free, then it was a couple of dollars, then it went up to three or four dollars while the quality of the pizza kept going down.

The people who make pizza around here clearly never ate in the North End in Boston or better yet, Brooklyn, New York. And none of them were Italian. Their idea of a pizza was something with a really thick, doughy crust and nothing much on top. If you actually wanted toppings, that was extra. A lot extra. And no one offered anchovies.

One day, I discovered that I can fit a 12-inch pizza in my counter oven and since then, life has never been the same. Garry keeps canned anchovies in the kitchen cupboard (not much can of fish!) and there’s always extra cheese and sauce available.

We no longer required delivery. We do … sorry about this … DiGiorno.

In particular, the marinara and meatball pizza. For six bucks, we get the pizza, made exactly the way we like it and hot enough to get pizza burns on our tongues. No more $14 pizzas that are cold by the time they get here and on which there is so little cheese and sauce, it’s not worth bothering to eat. It doesn’t even smell like proper pizza.

Goodbye, Uxbridge House of Pizza! We have our own house and our own pizza.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

46 thoughts on “THE DAY WE GAVE UP PIZZA DELIVERY – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I only recently got back into eating pizza after deciding at some point around Age 10 that I no longer liked it. If Domino’s ever discontinues their $7.99 carryout special, I’ll probably go back to not eating it again. I use one of the three toppings I get for extra sauce in the hopes that it will be slathered in it. They can frankly leave as much cheese off of it as they want… I’ve never been a fan of cheese unless it’s baked into snack crackers….


    1. Our Dominos closed. I think almost all of them closed in this area. They were expensive and it wasn’t a quality experience. But back when we moved here, they were pretty good AND they delivered. Now, empty store.


    1. I was actually surprised at how good some of the frozen pies are. They aren’t all equally good, but the DiGiorno is pretty good and there are some others which aren’t bad either. A lot better than the local “pizza parlors.”

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    1. You know, if the local pizza was mediocre, it would be better than it really is, which is close to atrocious. In any case, they don’t deliver here and they charge WAY too much for a pie. And Garry and I don’t need a 16-inch pie. A frozen 12 inches is fine, with crust left for the dogs.

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  2. Nobody delivers pizza out here either although one local cafe makes good ones you have to go and get it and that is out of the question for me. So my pizza fix comes from the frozen food section of the supermarket. I do agree, there has to be a decent amount of cheese although I’ll pass on the anchovies.


    1. I pass on the anchovies, which is why Garry keeps his own stash! No one delivers around here. We are too far away from everything else. It’s also why we aren’t going to get FIOS or any of the other forms of television. There’s no profit here. Not enough houses even if EVERYONE bought the service.

      No pizza. No FIOS. At least they deliver oil.

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  3. I love a freshly made pizza from our local pizza establishments, John does not accept delivery, it is close enough, we pick it up, but we do buy frozen pizza and keep a few toppings ready to go for quick meals/snacks on weekends and during football nights. I like thin crust, self rising and specialty types like white pizza with spinach and chicken too. Pizza is good stuff, I have a neighbor that used to own a pizza place, he makes his own pizza still, it is heavenly, all sorts of ingredients and crust styles….we are lucky to have such good neighbors, Italian/Sicilian on both sides, and they make great sauce too! We generally serve the spirits!


    1. I’m not sure there are any Italians in this town and if they are, they don’t cook. Someone opened an Italian restaurant and we went there. Once. How bad can you make pasta sauce? You’d be surprised!


  4. We have pizza delivery services but I have never bothered with them, far too expensive. For a quick pizza I buy at the supermarket. Otherwise I buy the rolled out pastry and do my own. We have our favourite mixture. A base of gruyere, a layer of tomatoes, some air dried ham, artichoke hearts halved (from a tin), sliced mushrooms and mozzarella. Of course spiced with Oregano etc. That is how we like it


  5. My biggest shock after movie to the west was pizza that bore no resemblance to the pizza I grew up with.., real Italian pizza or, at least, what I was told by the guys who made you an “offer you couldn’t refuse.” Mattered not, as we all liked it and Pop brought it home on special occasions.., like “it’sTuesday, let’s have pizza.” That meant Mom didn’t have to cook that night too. Then life’s little twists took me to the desert and doughy, what passed for, pizza was born with toppings like Pineapple, Mushrooms, Olives, Avocado and other Fufu things? You know healthy pizza? Pizza doesn’t have to be “healthy”, it just has to be good and, in moderation, it’s not gonna kill you.., but who does that?

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    1. You will notice I did NOT offer you any of our local pizza. I find it offensive. I suppose you know you’ve really become a New Englander when you think the pizza is “just fine.” The North End of Boston had some pretty good pizza — not as good as Brooklyn, but not bad. But here? Yuk. And you would not believe what they put on it!


  6. I like your thinking. I watched some show or other, where one of the story lines involved a pizzeria. I mean those that offer hot delicious pies that actually looked like pizza. We don’t have many of them in Utah (to my knowledge) and NONE up here in Bland food ville. The delivery consists of either Pizza Hut or Dominos, both of which seem to try to outdo the other one by serving gelid, grease laden dough with too much sauce (I don’t like a lot of sauce on my pizza and indicate “LIGHT” every time. I still get enough sauce that the dough isn’t visible and that the sauce is even pooled in places. ) The last two I bought were from each of those two vendors, and I’m saying NO MORE. If Di Giorno is tasty, hot and something LIKE pizza ought to be, then I wouldn’t be ashamed of using them. We have a local Papa Murphies, but one has to go there and pick up the (unbaked) pie. I’ve burnt those, and they are spendy AND they’re going the way of P.H. and D’s in quality. *sigh*.


    1. Bland Foodville? I defy your food to be worse than ours. Here, salt is still considered a strong spice and garlic? That’s … well … from far away. We don’t eat out because the food is so bad, it’s not worth the price. Except for Japanese food. There are still two decent places in the area, but everything else? White bread and brown gravy.

      All our pizzerias are owned by Greeks and I wish they’d give up making pizza and make Greek food because they do not have a real “touch” for pizza. Sodden, heavy, doughy yet strangely tasteless and expensive. DiGiorno. We back it a little less than they call far, but otherwise? It’s at least edible which is more than I can say for our local shops.


  7. We don’t do pizza delivery, either. We either bake frozen pizzas in our oven or I run out to one of two pizza places that serve really good, California-style thin cutesy pizzas with not your typical topics. Some even come with sunny side up eggs on them.


              1. Nope. If the crust is cauliflower, it’s something, but it’s NOT pizza. Basic fundamental stuff for pizza: Crust and stuff on top, usually cheese and sauce. If it’s all veggies, it’s a flat veggie dish. If it’s got pineapple? It’s dessert.

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  8. Being the cheapskate that i am i get a thin crust frozen pizza from the supermarket and load it with my own choice of toppings, herbs and spices – just the way i like it – then bung it in the oven at the hottest setting for 17 minutes – garlic bread optional! 🙂

    ( I should probably warn you – i like pineapple on my Pizza!) 😉


      1. So no olives then?? 😉

        Did you know the Italians only really got into ‘pizza’ (by that name) in the 1800’s?? the word pizza did not even exist in Italy before the 10th century of the common era!

        Asterix set me wrong (for once) 😉


  9. We have a local place that sells a prepared uncooked pizza. We buy that every once in a while and thoroughly enjoy it right from our oven. But, the cost is still between $18-24. So, there are several frozen versions that we like as well. The right crust, preferred toppings, and hot from the oven – all good things.


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