RDP Wednesday – QUEST

The government has recalled all the airline repair and inspection — and engineering — guys to work. It’s too dangerous, they said, to not have them working. The government is also calling back the TSA guys because it’s dangerous to not have them, either, and closed airports are not helping anyone.

And finally, yesterday, the IRS recalled more than half its workers. Haven’t you heard? It’s tax time … and if we don’t have tax people working, there won’t be any money coming in which definitely wouldn’t make anyone happy, at least not in the government.

How long before they recall the food inspectors? And everyone else?

Bit by bit, group by group, they will recall all of the ousted (outed?) workers. I’m pretty sure the Trump will eventually realize that he cannot serve foreign dignitaries McDonald’s, either. He doesn’t care, but other people will.

We aren’t going to end the government shutdown. We will have a permanent shutdown during which everyone works. This will continue to be a government shutdown — even though nothing is shut.

Protesters rally in Federal Plaza against the partial government shutdown, Thursday afternoon, Jan. 10, 2019. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

Life, such as it is, can proceed more or less normally. This will make Trump feel like his two-year-old behavior is “doing something” while his moronic base can feel he is keeping his word.

NOTE: How can Trump be considered as “keeping his word” when he has never kept his word? About anything?

I’m sure this will be considered a “win” for everyone. People will work, the government will govern, Trump will believe his tantrum is accomplishing something …. and we can march forward to the next election.

You think?


  1. Governments would just love it if everyone worked regardless of whether they got paid or not. Those people who have been put off should certainly expect to be paid if they are called back or they can expect to have that done to them over and over. I’m not going to ask anyone to explain your tax system to me. We have pay as you earn and it seems a whole lot less confusing plus there is always the chance that you might get something back at the end of the financial year.


        • Yes. I absolutely understand. I spent a lot of money I don’t have to get the lens to shoot pictures of birds. It’s the best part of life these days. When I don’t see a lot of birds, I feel bereft. I look out my bathroom window first thing in the morning to see birds and I get all my news from late night comedy shows. It helps. A little bit.

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          • When I had to break up with my brother, I learned an important lesson about letting things get to me that I can’t do anything about. It was a hard lesson, but it’s stood me in good stead. I can’t fix the situation. The best I can do is survive it. I have a life of my own to live and no one in Washington cares any more about that than my brother did. But sometimes I miss my brother and wonder if there was something I could have done but didn’t (there wasn’t) and sometimes I look at the situation in DC and wonder if there’s something I can do to change it (there’s not). ❤


            • I lost my brother too, though for cancer which was never diagnosed until after he died. I tried to get him to come up to Boston — I was sure he had cancer and so was he, but his doctor just kept feeding him more and more narcotics until he died. Could I have done more? Lord knows I tried. Now, I watch birds, play with dogs, read books. Because I’m not young enough to do more — and to be fair, I’m not sure I was ever much of a rabble-rouser.


  2. One federal workers union is during the government saying it is unconstitutional to force people to work without paying them. I hope the Supreme Court will agree and say they have to be paid.

    We need to change our law to make this shutdown illegal.


  3. The IRS did not take our scheduled monthly payment, and yet sent us a letter of complaint that they hadn’t received our tax money for the 2017 taxes, which had been sent weeks before and was probably sitting in a pile unprocessed. They sent us a letter in late December dated the very day it arrived to us (!?) stating that they didn’t like our 2016 taxes and wanted more money. I find it hard to think they are really doing an efficient job, and yet there have been some of the usual incorrect and unhelpful letters coming down the pipe. Maybe putting more of them back will help something start up and function–isn’t it treason yet to intentionally harm the functioning of a government and hold it for hostage…?


    • The next best thing to a revolution is a general strike. A REALLY general strike. Everyone quits working. No trash collection, no cops, no firefighters. No pilots. No taxis, no school. Nothing. A full general strike. Of course, there will always be strike busters.

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  4. What is going on in the world? Britain can’t get Brexit done, USA can’t get the wall and in Canada our Prime Minister just spent several billion of our tax dollars on a pipeline he can’t get built.

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