RDP Tuesday: Balance

I have trouble going downstairs. I have problems going up too, but the ones going down are more difficult to manage because they are a matter of balance. And because I am more likely to fall down the stairs than up.

I have fallen up, but I don’t go far. Down, on the other hand, can be an ugly event involving broken bones and bruises that don’t heal for weeks.

If you don’t think this is really narrow, try hauling a bag of groceries up past the lift chair!

The thing is, Garry is also unbalanced, leading me to the not unreasonable (but possibly entirely wrong) conclusion that whatever is bothering me is also bothering him. It’s the downside of relationships. We pass — back and forth –whatever one person has to the other and occasionally have completely pointless discussions of who gave what to who or if it was someone who dropped by.

I’m headachy and hoarse and have laryngitis I can’t get rid of. Not only does it make it hard for Garry to hear me, but laryngitis also makes it hard for me to talk at all. I try anyway, but it doesn’t get me very far.

The new tests reveal the iron deficiency I had in October has gotten worse. Dizziness, imbalance, and a headache are symptomatic of anemia … but are also symptomatic of everything else. Anemia symptoms include chronic tiredness (who isn’t chronically tired?) and insomnia (show me someone my age who sleeps well). It’s all vague symptoms, but at least tests indicate I do have something I should take care of. Anemia isn’t nothing, though I keep acting like it is. Because I don’t want to deal with it.

If I had veins, I wouldn’t mind. It turns out, veins have a variety of uses. Carrying blood from here to there is only one of them.

Garry is distinctly unbalanced. Wobbly. We can’t BOTH be anemic, can we?

Meanwhile, the hospital doesn’t want me in there if I am sick because the Hematology Unit is part of the Oncology Department. They don’t need sick people hanging out with people who already have cancer, a point to which I can relate.

Of course, we were at the lab yesterday. At least three people were coughing. That waiting room is tiny, so you can’t miss someone’s cough droplets. Oh goody.

We do well if no one is sick or if we don’t go any place where sick people hang out. Like the grocery store. Doctors’ offices. Hospitals. Laboratories. All the places you go for health assessment are perfect for picking up something new and exciting.

I know it’s out of style, but the old days of doctors coming to see sick people probably made sense in terms of keeping the spread of illness down — unless you happened to be the doctor, in which case I have to assume you were always sick with something. So maybe you were the one spreading disease.

Who knows? It’s a mystery, for sure.

So to go — or not to go — to tomorrow’s appointment. I promised the office manager I would call early in the morning and let her know. Neither of us knows whether or not I am actually sick (like with a bacterial or viral ailment) or I’m suffering from a thing for which I need to go see that particular doctor.

It could be a chronic stomach thing which Garry and I have been passing to and fro — or — we each have something completely different and unrelated. Or we are just old and need to spend more time watching television.

No way to know.

New Scissors

You’ll be happy to know that the new pair of scissors — $30 cheaper than the missing ones — have been delivered. The heavy snow they promised for today has turned out to be another day of leaden gray skies and low temperatures with just enough dampness to make your bones ache.

The birds are busy at the feeder, though today it’s all Juncos, Nuthatches, and Chickadees. Nothing exotic. I need to order some of the cheap food again and mix it with more expensive food. A lot of the little birds actually seem to prefer the cheap food which is mostly smaller seeds. Right now, it’s almost entirely big black sunflower seeds that only the bigger birds can eat — woodpeckers, cardinals — and the nuthatches who will eat anything.

Ladderback with Redhead Woodpecker – First photos I’ve gotten of this bird!

I have certainly learned a whole lot about bird feeding patterns. And that only Chickadees leap from the feeder with their wings closed in full diving mode. I laugh hysterically every time I see them fling themselves off a branch or the feeder. I swear the practice seeing how far they can free fall before they need to use their wings.

This, I believe, is what we call “Bird Fun” and does not require strapping on a parachute. It makes me really want to be a bird except for the whole shivering in the outside cold thing.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

29 thoughts on “IT’S JUST A MATTER OF BALANCE – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I hope you both feel better. We had a bad weekend involving gasoline making me deathly ill, but I’m a lot better now. These bodies are great, but such hard work and so tricky to figure out sometimes!

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          1. Tons of them, and upon occaion some stick out the wrong way and it throws everything off. I have been astounded that sometimes one will stick out in the wrong place, most often in the wrist that has had bones broken, and it looks bad for a long time, and then eventually it works itself back into place without interference or effort, and it works again. It can take months though, but better than surgery which will wreck it for good–there have been two very significant holy crap sticking-out bones, in hand and other wrist that eventually completely resolved well and painlessly.


  2. I suspect birds who are sensitive to the extreme cold fly south for the winter. Or they USED to, maybe now they all just stay put, because to fly to an unknown place might prove lethal. And even a bird brain has survival instincts. If you’re having to travel to a place where there are going to be idiots without sense coughing and hacking all over everyone, maybe some cheap paint masks are the option..if your doctor’s office or lab doesn’t offer them. Better than catching yet another round of flu or cold I should think. And keep us all posted about that anemia thing. If it’s the culprit for you, it might be an answer for me and some folks I know who are experiencing a lot of the same symptoms you guys are. And I don’t even have someone else to blame/share it with… hmmm.

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    1. There was such slaughter of the geese down in the Chesapeake, that maybe part of why they stopped migrating. But also, feeding stations DO change migration patterns. It’s a known thing. But we’ve disrupted the natural environment in so many ways, I figure the least we can do is feed the poor babies.

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  3. My husband is unbalanced – in his case, it’s vertigo. I was unbalanced, and it turned out to be a serious B-12 deficiency caused by a new medication (I couldn’t even stand up!). My daughter was unbalanced, and she turned out to have a potassium deficiency. There are so many things that can cause dizziness and balance problems. Having been anemic myself at one point, I can empathize with you. Hopefully, iron supplements will work for you. I needed transfusions. Ugh.

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    1. We are just getting old and it gets complicated for everyone. I have more chronic issues than Garry, but he’s five years older than me, so he has other problems … and his balance issues have a lot to do with his ears and his inner ear, which hasn’t worked right for years. It’s why he’s so clumsy about a lot of things. He really can’t help it. Tomorrow it’s going to be very, very cold. Too cold for me to be outside. Too cold for either of us. They are stopping the mail — too cold for the carriers!

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  4. I hope you both feel better soon. It is odd that you both have some of the same symptoms. Could there be something in the house that is upsetting you both? I have been fortunate that considering how bad the air quality is here now I’ve only had a few coughs. I tried to stay indoors most of the time while I was still at home but even here miles away the smoke from all the fires around the state is hanging over Hobart and asthmatics and other people with respiratory issues are having a hard time.

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