RDP Thursday – WAN

After yesterday’s doctor visit, having to go to yet another doctor seems like charging up the same hill — and there’s a guy at the top with a machine gun. Nonetheless, gotta do it. I still don’t know where to put my head. I feel like I carry poisonous genes and have passed them down the line.

But, speaking of wan, I’m still in the process of trying to work my way out of anemia — the last of the repairable issues on my medical agenda. I’ve actually found an iron pill that seems to work and doesn’t make me ill. I’m not taking enough of it, I know, but it beats out the nothing I was taking before.

I’m beginning to really resent DNA.

Junco and I think a House Finch

Isn’t what you inherit supposed to be a sort of grab-bag? You get some of the stuff, but not ALL of it? Because I seem to have collected everything and be in the process of passing it along.

The good news? Yesterday’s doctor seemed to think that I didn’t look particularly anemic now. My gums have stopped being pale and that’s a good sign. Now all I have to do is worry whether or not I’ve managed to pass everything along to another generation. Or two.

So feeling wan? Literally and figuratively. At the same time!


    1. They can’t actually treat this, but when they monitor it, they know how to fix things when they, so to speak, break. And that’s a lot. Because the first symptom of this disease is often “cardiac death” which, as my doctor so well put it, is not a positive outcome for any disease (although it is the ultimate outcome for everyone and everything).

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  1. Today it’s all in the genes. If only we could talk to our ancestors and find the real truth.Son No. 2 discovered his Type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago, from mum and he is colourblind also from grandad, through mum. Son No. 1 is sound and healthy, but so was my dad. nd no-one passed on MS because you don’t pass it on. I can now blame that on the Vikings it seems.


    1. They’ve been doing studies on MS and found that MANY more people have it than they thought. Like — MILLIONS of people. I was wondering because even in my little world, I know half a dozen people with MS. I know that’s why they so badly want an MRI of my head. That’s what they are looking for. I get that. I just don’t want to explode in the process.

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      1. It took 30-40 years to discover what was wrong with me.. I had an MRI of the head, the body, etc. just everything. The last time I saw the neurologist he said perhaps we could do a new scan. I asked “Would it bring anything?” and he had to admit it wouldn’t, so no more scans for the time being. At the moment I have things more or less under control – a new adventure every day.


    1. Yes, though I’m not taking pictures right now. My right shoulder is really sore and I think the big lens and heavy camera have something to do with it, so I’m trying to give that arm a rest. The birds will hang around as long as those free-loaders get enough seeds 😀

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