FOWC with Fandango — Envy

Caroline’s Cannabis Uxbridge Dispensary, aka “the pot shop” is a winner.

It’s not bringing in huge crowds that the “closer to Boston” places are getting, but we live in the middle of Worcester County and don’t have crowds unless it’s the 4th of July and fireworks are included.

Standing on line on Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) was pleasant. People waiting on the steps of the local marijuana dispensary seem to be in a good mood. If it was raining or snowing, maybe less good, but the sun was out and it was not too cold. So, we chatted.

There was complete agreement that this shop needs an area in which to buy food. For the warmer months, a few tables with umbrellas along the woodsy side of the parking lot.

A bakery on the left, coffee and doughnuts on the right. It seems a waste of space to have a walk-in OR drive-through pot shop without tasteful goodies. For that matter, merely having a decent bakery in a town would be a winner.

We don’t have a dedicated bakery (not counting doughnut shops of which we have many) unless you count the mini bakeries in the grocery stores. The best bakery for bread (not cakes — Hannaford has better cakes) is at Walmart, but that’s a long drive for us. Seven or eight miles through miscellaneous towns though I suppose we could take the longer, faster road. It takes the same amount of time to get there, but you feel like you are going faster.

I’m pretty sure Caroline, the charming entrepreneur that she is, may yet find a way to coerce the lady who bakes the world’s BEST cupcakes (she is in Uxbridge already) to set up a small outlet in the shop. The same baker also makes chicken pot pies that are expensive but delicious and big enough for at least two, maybe three people. Or one big guy with an appetite.

She could open up a whole restaurant for that matter and be the best non-Asian restaurant in the valley and absolutely the finest appetizers, too.

If that didn’t work out, any one of the local (NOT Dunkin Donuts) doughnut shops who also serve good coffee could bake a bunch of extra doughnuts and hire someone to serve coffee … and voilà. A few tables outside for nice, warm days. Something good to smoke. Ahh. Joy and peace shall reign in our valley.

The shop is at the edge of town, very close to the main road that goes up to Worcester and down to Rhode Island. Convenient for everyone. It also has a parking lot. It’s not a huge lot, though. When we got there on Friday, there were no spaces. There’s room to expand and I hope they do.

I was afraid they’d put the shop in the middle of town and we’d never be able to get to the grocery without a long, slow drive.

I bought a little bar of dopey chocolate while I was there the first time (when I actually got inside). It isn’t improving my back because nothing will fix that. On the other hand, I am sleeping like the dead and waking up in a lot less pain.

All my muscles have loosened up. My spine is a disaster, but the muscles are relaxing and that’s great. I eat two little squares of chocolate when I get into bed. I don’t get stoned — or if I do, who could tell because I’m out for the count. I don’t even fall asleep.

First, I’m awake and with no warning, I’m out cold for a solid five hours, waking up only to go tot he bathroom and crawl back into bed. Now, add some yummy fatty food to make me a happy and well-rounded camper.

Getting to the nuts and bolts of the shop, they have a decent selection. Not huge. And they run out by later in the day, so if you want the full selection (they have a pretty big menu and you can order, if they don’t have what you want), you probably want to get there before lunchtime.

Everyone was extremely pleasant and as you might expect, laid back.

For how many of my younger years did I dream of legal pot shops? It’s like Garry and his new hearing: why didn’t that come 30 or 40 years ago? Well, at least something good has happened. We can’t change the government yet, but at least we can sleep better while we wait.

Are we the envy of the little towns of Worcester Country? Maybe.

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23 replies

  1. It’s great to hear you can buy something that tastes good and helps you sleep. We don’t have pot shops here and I can’t imagine it happening even though it’s admitted that medical marijuana has benefits.
    I had to smile at your description of not crowded as a full car park and a line sounds like crowded to me.


    • The line was about 5 people long –and they only let two people into the shop at a time. And the parking lot is also for the mini-mall in the front — about 12 spaces maybe? There are other businesses there and the workers park in the back, so most of the spaces are taken before the shop even opens.

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  2. So glad to hear you are sleeping!


  3. Out “pot shop” (they’re called “dispensaries” here) is about 4 blocks from where we live…walking distance. We get gummies and cookies for us and CBD oil drops for our old dog. The CBD oil helps her old joints.


    • Right now, the stuff is SO expensive between the 20% tax from the state and another 10% from the town … it’s cheaper to buy it “off market.” I understand they are trying to make money, but I think they would do better dropping the prices a bit.

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  4. Congratulations on the sleep. That, all by itself, must feel great. 🙂

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  5. Great post. I saw the name Worcester and just for a moment thought it was the town of that name in England!

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    • I know. New England sounds very England since so many of our towns have the same names!

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      • Worcester in England not so progressive!

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        • Worcester in Massachusetts is a lost county. We have NOTHING going on here. We have a pot shop because the town is broke and they are hoping to make some money. Otherwise, I’m sure they’d have said no. But poverty has its own priorities!

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          • Oh dear! That figures though. Did they used to have industry?


            • Yes, about 100 years ago. Before all the mills closed and moved south, then eventually, out of this country entirely. In fact, this is the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution … the Blackstone and all its falls. It was the home to all the original mills in the U.S.

              We are sort of a national park but without the funding. It’s funny how people don’t even remember that our industry started here … and then, it left. Since then, it’s just been cleaning up the horrible pollution left by the cotton mills, dye and wool factories. I’m not even sure most of the kids raised here realize what this place used to be.

              At least we’ve ALMOST cleaned up the Blackstone. It was one of the most polluted rivers in the world by the mid-1970s and it has come a very long way. Massachusetts was horribly polluted. It’s probably why we are so very careful now about what kind of industry comes here.

              But poor? Absolutely. Maybe pot will save us!

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          • Good title for an adventure flick, “The Lost County”.


  6. What a good idea that was. I must admit I have never been in our pot shop, and I do not even know what they sell.

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  7. Sounds like a good shop. We have one in town, but I am not really sure what you can buy there. You have given me an idea for Mr. Swiss and his back problems. I will have to make an effort to have a look in the shop and check if it is wheelchair operational. So many of our shops have high kerbs from the street and steps to overcome. In town I usually travel on the road surface as basically traffic is not allowed, just delivery people to the shops and hotel guests.

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    • I’m sure it’s wheelchair accessible because many of the people who go there ARE in wheelchairs. It doesn’t fix the spine, but it does relieve the muscular pain that comes with not begin able to move in a normal way. I have two little squares of chocolate IN bed and I’m gone in minutes. More a relaxer than a pain-kiler.

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