In the Park on a Sunny Tuesday -FOTD – 05/08/19

It was warm and sunny today and we grabbed the chance to get out and take a few pictures. Which turned out to be about 500 pictures between the two of us. The flowers came out lovely.

It was late in the afternoon and the light was perfect. Actually, pretty much everything came out close to perfect — and by the time we went home, most of the trees had grown new leaves.

All they needed was one warm sunny day.

Pink tulips

Snowballs along the river


31 thoughts on “FLOWERS ALONG THE MUMFORD RIVER – Garry Armstrong

  1. Thabjks for this sharing. Your friend was special for sure, and you will miss him. One of he more dificult aspects of getting older is the loss of those we hold dear. Hugs, thinking of you both with love, Tasha

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    • In our very LONG slow return from Boston in the heart of rush hour, we had lots of time to look at trees. They are all blooming now. Happy trees and another sunny day. Which, of course, we spent entirely indoors or in the car.

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      • Of course, I hope it was bearable. At least the sun was shining again. In a reversal of our fortunes, it’s cold and wet over here now!


      • That LONG, long drive home from Boston felt like we were on the road to perdition. My bones still ache the day after.


        • That was a very long ride. It was probably more than three hours, but you had the watch, so I didn’t even look at the time until halfway through. The ONE single car stuck in the middle of the Pike … ONE car. In the middle.


  2. The flowers are lovely Garry, even the Dandelion and that reminds me I have one of those right in the middle of the front garden. Must get out and take care of that.

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