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There was a time … and not very long ago at that … when daily meant normal. Things that occurred on a daily basis were normal and we didn’t need to pay a lot of attention to them. These days, it’s a new crisis every day. Not a little crisis either. Major crises, Nearly end of the world crises. Stress and high blood pressure are the words of the year. Years. No matter how frightening yesterday was, we count on tomorrow being just as bad or worse.

The world

It used to be as you got older, mostly you complained about the music the kids were playing. These days, we wonder if we are going to have a world to live in. Is it going to blow up? Drown as the ice melts? Will there be any birds or lions or elephants left?We are moving from a natural world into a world so highly mechanized that I barely understand it. Maybe I don’t want to recognize it.

The silly daily dilly-dally of the earlier years has turned into the terror of nuclear war and loss of our entire democracy. For once, being old isn’t so bad. We won’t need to see it all happen. At least that’s a good thing, right?

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  1. Usually when governments do stuff a bit too late it doesn’t matter quite so much, but this time…

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    • We have a subscription to National Geographics. And naturally, our magazine shelves are in the bathroom. Every time I open one of those magazines, I fall into a serious depression. I can’t understand how so many people can NOT understand the problem. We are on the railroad tracks and the train is coming. We can SEE it coming, but we aren’t going to move because (wait for it) — we might make less money this year.

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  2. I think it is why I enjoy looking back on happy times in the past so much, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal to look forward to and I am glad that I won’t be here in thirty years to see what the world has become but sad for my great-niece who is only two and will have to live in that world. Mostly I try to focus on the small things around me that are good to keep my spirits up.

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    • I just read a really depressing article in the Washington Post basically saying that I live in one of the areas that is already “over the top” in terms of weather change. I posted it on FB. It’s such an awful world. Being old is okay at this point. I would not want to live in the world that’s coming on.

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      • No, nor would I. I feel that I’ve had a good life and while I don’t wish I were dead I’m glad that I won’t be around to see what the future brings. I seriously hope there is no such thing as reincarnation because I don’t want another go round either.

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  3. During WWll I was a teenager. At the beginning, we lived in New York and worried about German U-boats in the NY Harbor. Then we moved to California and worried about the Japanese attacking . Those were days of trepidation, but the country was united. Now, we seem to have our own Civil War with a President who is not on our side. Scary times again.

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  4. I’m from the generation who were taught to duck and cover…not that it would have been a big help in a nuclear attack. My parents lived through the second world war. We will continually muck things up but I’m fairly certain things will continue as they have before. I’m wondering if they will ever get this democracy thing right?

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