FROM WHOM SHALL WE ASK CLEMENCY? — Marilyn and Garry Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Clemency

I feel like as a species, we have done so much harm, that we need to ask for clemency. The problem is, who would give us any?

Rolling green lawns at River bend. Photo: Garry Armstrong

So I ask the river and as it flows gently past, I feel a brief moment of hope. It’s just about the same time that I’ve bumped into a professional photographer. He does “senior photographs” for almost all the schools in the Valley. We got to discussing the poisons they are spraying all over the valley.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Granted, we have an infusion of Eastern Equine Encephalitis mosquitoes all over Commonwealth, Rhode Island, and they are showing up in Connecticut and New Hampshire, too. This is another of the “minor” outcomes of the changing climate.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

The warm water in the oceans has brought us a lot of great white sharks as well as seals — their favorite food. Lots of biting going on out there in the ocean. It has brought us a lot more insects and they are hungry. I had a huge wolf spider on my screen door the other day. They are usually nocturnal and live in burrows in the woods, leaping out of their hiding places when they spot prey. This one was so hungry, he decided to give the house a try.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

In a complete panic over the arrival of these virally lethal mosquitoes, they have been spraying poison everywhere. My new photographer friend called it “the rain of death.” Because while it may be killing mosquitoes, what else is it killing?

Photo-Garry Armstrong

Double docks

All the birds who eat insects are going to die from this poison and I don’t care what Monsanto says. They are finally getting around to suing them for the poisons in “Round-Up Weed Killer.” I could have told them it was lethal if anyone was interested in listening, that one spray of it on our neighbor’s property killed ALL the robins.

They literally fell over dead in their nests. It was just awful and they have not returned. Where there were flocks of robins, I barely see a couple each season.

I’m thinking of putting up the feeders so at least the birds have a chance at finding food to eat that isn’t poisonous. There have been a total of 8 instances of the diseases and only one fatality. But they are poisoning the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Rain of death indeed.


We can’t even fix things without causing additional damage. Assuming, by some miracle, everyone got on the same “LET’S DO THIS!” boat. Do we really know what to do? Or are we going to turn this into another way for big corporations to make more money and probably make things even worse?

It’s an appalling thought. I know we are stupid, but HOW stupid ARE we?

19 thoughts on “FROM WHOM SHALL WE ASK CLEMENCY? — Marilyn and Garry Armstrong

    • It was so awful watching them fall over dead in their nests. I’m putting my feeders back up because at least there will be somewhere they can eat food that isn’t already poisoned. But I hope we still HAVE birds by the time I get them up and filled. It’s so depressing.


    • Thank you. There were a lot of pictures to take. I try to keep the days production down to no more than 300, which I then try to slice down to around 200 and a hopeless attempt to not blow up my hard drive 🙂 But it was lovely outside. A nearly perfect week.

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  1. And then you have Trump rolling back rules against coal companies pouring waste into our streams, rolling back lightbulb energy-efficiency standards, imposing tariffs on solar panels, revoking the waiver for California to set higher auto emissions standards, etc. WTF?


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