We hadn’t put out the night camera in a while and I still have a lot of unprocessed pictures from the previous two nights. But what is interesting about these is that you can see many flying squirrels gliding in. They look like bars of light, although it depends on the angle. See if you can tell how many gliding squirrels are in the pictures.

You can see a glider in the background, on the right. They are so stretched out, they don’t look like a creature. But they are.

More background gliders

Landed and hungry, He hasn’t fully tucked up his gliding “cape.”

Look in the background and what do you see?

The flat line in the front is a glider too. There’s even one or two in the background

There will be more coming, but we actually cleaned the house today and I’m beat. We even moved the refrigerator and despite my fears to the contrary, the was nothing dead back there. Just dirt.

We have reduced from two to one feeder for now. The birds and raccoons and flying squirrels are trying to drive us into bankruptcy. My theory is that no matter how much food we put out, they will eat all of it.

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  1. That night camera opened up a whole new world to us all….


  2. Those who think only people are gluttons have never fed wildlife before….


    • This morning I went out to the deck and there was a squirrel, just lounging on the rail in the sunshine. Not eating. Not running around. Just hanging in the sunshine. I have never seen a squirrel doing nothing before. They are the busiest animals on earth, but this morning, he was just hanging out, enjoying the first good weather in wish.


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