Fandango’s Provocative Question #79

Mookie Betts signed a $390 million contract with the Dodgers today. This ups the ante from $360 million and extends the contract to 12-years. I’m sure he’s explaining that it isn’t about the money. It’s about pride and honor. Personally, I think anyone who is earning $32,500,000 every year for the next 12-years will probably be able to put food on the table. It really is about the money. I don’t mind it being about the money because how many people are so good at anything that they would possibly be offered that kind of money? I’m just pissed that the Red Sox didn’t come up with the bucks and keep him here. We always come up short and then we have these terrible years with no pitchers, no fielding, no nothing.

The reason we have YouTubeTV which is the most expensive (but not by much) of all the streaming packages is that they have all sports — including the entire MLB baseball package. football, basketball, hockey, and who knows what else. It’s very heavy on sports. Garry is insane about baseball ⚾ beyond mere fandom. Even when the Sox are doing really badly as they surely will this year — we’re expecting them to be the bottom or next to the bottom of the Eastern Division — he will still watch at least one and often two or three games through the summer. So yeah, we missed sports.

I like baseball, too, though I’m not quite as fanatical as Garry, but I enjoy it. It’s a relatively peaceful game especially compared to football and hockey. And unlike football where I never can figure out what that calls mean, I actually know where the strike zone is and can call the pitch and know who is safe or out. I have a pretty good selection of Sox-wear.

Baseball is summertime for us. It’s what we watch through the warm, humid days and into the snappy days of Autumn. On a great year, it might be the only thing we watch from spring to fall. We also watch football, but now that Brady has moved on, I’m not sure we’ll be quite as jazzed as we were. We watched Brady from when they called him up from the bench until he moved out of town. I don’t even know why he’s still playing. He’s good-looking, well spoken, and I’m sure he could get any contract he wanted from ESPN. I thought he should have quit a couple of years ago so he could go be a broadcaster without waiting to get seriously broken. I still think he should retire while he’s healthy.

Especially during this incredibly intense and painful year, sports would have been a nice release from the pressure. But of course, when everything went to hell in a handbasket, why not sports too?

This isn’t going to be a “real” season. Just as well because we don’t have a single functional pitcher and our glorious outfield was bought by other teams who were willing to pay the big bucks which we should have paid. Never mind. We’ll bottom out this year and be much better next year and with a little luck, in one more year we’ll be heading for the playoffs.

Meanwhile, “opening day” is Friday for the Sox and Thursday for everyone else. Even with empty stands, it’s better than nothing.

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  1. No. I wouldn’t care if the whole corrupted lot of them went bankrupt. And I played Hockey, Football, Baseball, etc. all my life. “Sport’???!! That left very quickly when the first Agent showed up.


  2. At the moment our Blue Jays are homeless…..

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  3. I haven’t really missed sport that much. I cancelled the sport channel I’d been using to watch cricket.I don’t know if I’ll get it back this summer or not. I don’t follow any code of football, not rugby league or union or AFL or soccer.
    My friend Bruce in Melbourne missed it a lot more so he’s happy that there is a some NRL and AFL on TV now. The teams are all based in “hubs” in the safe states to minimise the risk. They can have some spectators. It’s looking as if Melbourne may not get to host the AFL grand final which they consider theirs by right even if no Victorian teams are involved. That will be a bitter pill for them to swallow.


    • I missed it like I miss any part of a season that is “normal.” Baseball means “the boys of summer.” It’s summer, but where were the boys?

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      • That’s what I miss, the rhythm of the year and sports were part of that. My year used to be a series of dot points you might say. Cricket and yachting and outdoor events in January, wooden boat festival, and dolls house fair every other year, model trains and doll shows in winter. I would not have got to a lot of these things because of moving but this year most of them haven’t happened or won’t happen


  4. He didn’t miss it as much as usual probably because the team is so awful this year. But he loves the game itself, even if it isn’t OUR game. He’s been a fan since he was a boy. Right up there with movies.

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    • I confess to initially being blah about COVID’s benching of baseball and other sports. Blah maybe not the right word. Suddenly, my first choice for daily reading was gone with nothing but “maybe” columns about when “what and if” games could be played again. I was agitated.

      Fast forward to today. First day of asterisk laden 60 game “regular” baseball season and I am a bit excited and VERY curious. Lots of cosmetic changes to attract new (younger) fans, rosters depleted by COVID 19, key players suffering baseball related injuries and pre-season predictions going sideways in just recent days.

      If possible, I’ll be watching as many games as possible to see who’s who, who’s wearing masks and who gets off to A HOT start that may allow them to coast to an ASTERISK pennant.

      The post season apparently will be longer than ever as baseball and television try to rake in as much lost revenue as possible to fill new coffers (The others already stuffed). 16 teams may be in the post season over the 10 teams in the past post seasons. Everyone makes post season except the Bad News Bears.

      As for our old town team, hope spring eternal amid the glare of reality. Bosox are bereft of pitching.

      Mookie Betts? He was the BEST 5 tool offensive player Boston had since…whenever. But Mookie left, not for the money, but for the financial security to put food on the table for his family for generations to come. Beisbol been berry, berry good to Mookie.

      Batter up! Masks on!


  5. I would like for the Sox to have a decent showing, and the SF Giants now have former Red Sox player Gabe Kapler as their manager, so that will be interesting. I am glad that baseball is back, but I guess I’m not the fan Garry is, because, while I missed baseball, I didn’t miss it THAT much.

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