Bright Rosy Morning (as the cold and damp returns)

Another rosy dawn on the Maine coast. Ogunquit. A beautiful beach with only have the mosquitoes as the harbor in Rockport. And much pinker and less red. Of course, this was in September and the other sunrise (three or four years earlier) was July 4th. It reminded me of the “rosy dawn” in Ulysses. Or was it Canterbury Tales? Those college lit courses don’t really stay with one for a lifetime.

Rosy dawn over Ogunquit Beach in Maine.

A little later in the same morning

Dawn – Vernal Equinox – From home (just last year)

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10 replies

  1. Your Photos are so beautiful, Marilyn,
    You could taken two same photos in different colour in a little time later.
    And the “dawn from home” is marvellous. I love them all. Thank You.


  2. Magical, Marilyn! ❤ Thanks for sharing… xo

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  3. I really like the bit of movement in the second photo. Those waves….!!

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