When she came to the feeder, I first thought she was a chipmunk. Then I saw the plumed tail and realized it was a baby squirrel. But she can’t be a baby because her teats are full, so I guess she is just a very small adult female with a litter of kittens back home in the nest. She is a perfect squirrel — just tiny.

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  1. Red squirrels… in North America? When I was little, growing up just outside London, my children’s books always depicted squirrels as red, never grey like the ones I saw in the park. Aparently grey squirrels got introduced to aristocrats’ country estates in Britain in the 1800s when grey squirrels were something of a novelty. They out-competed the native red squirrels and killed them off (inadvertently) through the squirrelpox virus to which the reds have no natural immunity. By the 1970s and 80s when I was growing up, red squirrels had become so rare that I’ve only ever seen them once in my whole life. (In London, if I remember rightly! But this was back in the era when you could light a cigarette on a train and wander in and out of the shops smoking. You can’t see red squirrels in London now. And you can’t smoke on a train either!)
    So I did some googling and found out that the American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) is a different species to the British and European one (Sciurus vulgaris)… whatever. I think red squirrels are beautiful. I wish I could have them in my garden!


  2. Adorable! So tiny and such snapping bright eyes! Perhaps it is because they are so small that they’ve had to develop more aggression to survive? I’m glad you caught her pictures though! And she’s eating for three or four, not just herself. I’m not sure the size of a squirrel litter, but surely something that tiny couldn’t have a huge number of babies. Aw! ❤


    • She’s really small, even for a red squirrel. She was half the size of a normal full-grown red squirrel. But it was obvious she had or soon would have kittens, so she must be a very small full grown girl squirrel. And yes, REALLY adorable. One of the cutest squirrels I’ve ever seen, much less photographed. She looked like a toy!


  3. One word… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ❤ 😀


    • I know. These little red ones are adorable, but TOUGH. They fight with each other and sometimes do some serious damage. The only reason they aren’t the dominant squirrel is that they are smaller than the Gray guys, but frankly, I think they are meaner. But you just gotta love that double curly tail!


  4. I don’t know about it being a baby… those are some pretty exposed teats. I think it’s already had, or may be expecting a brood. Still 100% adorable!

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    • That’s also what I think. She’s very small for any kind of squirrel, but she obviously has kittens or is going to have kittens. And she is awfully cute. The red ones are really cute — but they are also much more aggressive to each other and pretty stubborn even with people. When one or two (or three or four) of them have been eating continuously for hours, I send out the Duke and he woofs at them and they skitter off into the trees. THEN I refill the empty feeders (they can clean out six to seven pounds of seeds between 7am and 11am), after which the birds arrive.

      They have to SHARE. I know they didn’t get the lessons in kindergarten, but they need to SHARE the food. I also know if I put out more food, they’d eat ALL of that too. They are hunger pits!

      The red ones are real fighters — with each other. They pull the fur out of each others’ faces and tails and I’ve had them try to face me down when I’ve gone out to refill the feeders. They still think the Duke might be a menace. It’s the woofing!


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