When I got up this morning and put the seeds out, filled up the flat feeder and washed down the deck, I also put out some water for the birds and squirrels to drink. Even though it has rained a lot this summer, it is so hot this week I’m sure they need the water. I hope it’s at least a bit cooler in the woods where the shade is deep.

This little girl squirrel was sitting in the flat feeder when I came out this morning to refresh their food supply. She scurried away with a quick leap into the aspen on the north end of the deck. It was a bit of a hurry up because she waited until I was on the deck with both hands full of seeds before she decided maybe she ought to move.

After I put the food out, she was back in two blinks of the eye. And she was still there hours later when another squirrel who looks exactly like she does (I bet they were littermates), except he’s bigger, came out to get a bite. She did her best to chase him away. In the end, she had to bow out. It really was someone else’s turn.

She’s rounding up, finally. I think she is also very pregnant, so it’s hard to tell what’s plump and what are babies. She is incredibly cute and the reddest of all our red squirrels.

Some of these squirrels have never eaten anywhere but on our deck. I have to assume if they were forced to find their own food, they would know how, but I have to wonder. This is where their mama brings them as soon as they are ready to leave the nest. This IS their home.

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  1. Better get a bunch of high chairs for the babies!


    • At some point this month, we’re going to get a bunch of miniature squirrels — Eastern Grays and Red Squirrels. I have set some limits on the amount of food I give out because it was getting REALLY expensive. The birds are relatively light eaters, but the squirrels — ALL the squirrels including the flyers, red and gray ones — and a few chipmunks — all eat like maniacs.

      They are really adorable and the babies are even cuter, but if I let them, they would knock off five or six pounds of food every day. They really do unless I take the feeders in at night — which I don’t like doing because there are MASSIVE quantities of vicious mosquitoes out there. ARGH!

      So yes, there will be babies in a few weeks. It can be hard telling babies from grownups (in photographs) because the babies look exactly like mom and dad, but smaller. Without something with which to compare the little ones — like a grownup squirrel — it’s hard to show the size. Some of these recent red ones are really SMALL, so the babies are going to be tiny.

      Mostly, squirrels don’t come en famille, but sometimes bird mothers show up with a weird looking fledgling in tow. These days, I almost always have birds and squirrels on the deck at the same time. Sometimes two kinds of squirrels with a chipmunk somewhere in the mix. We run a zoo.

      They don’t like sharing the same feeder, but sometimes, they do, especially in the winter.


  2. She is perfect and as she seems to have moved in I guess she will be bringing her babies by as soon as they are big enough. How long are squirrels pregnant, any idea?


  3. What great pictures you were able to get — she’s beautiful!


    • She stood still for a while, so I could focus. There are a lot of things in my way that make it hard for me to get sharp focuses, but I don’t have any other choice. Every now and again, I get lucky and something stays still for a while. Then I get good pictures.

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  4. She’s EXQUISITE! And you’ve captured her through your lens magnificently! So CUTE! ❤ ❤


  5. Wow, I love squirrels… that’s a gorgeous little thing🤪🐿️🐿️🐿️🤪🐿️


    • She really is one of the prettiest squirrels I’ve seen — and with all the feeders out back, we see a lot of squirrels. But she is almost perfect, from coat to everything. Very pretty — and very hungry!


  6. Thank you for sharing the news, Marilyn! Gosh, you have a lot of entertainment for free, with this little ghosts. Lol They are so wonderful, but i actually can not remember any faith having them as goddesses.
    Best wishes, and enjoy a beautiful weekend! xx Michael

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    • Thank you. All squirrels are cute, but this little one is perfect. She’s very small, even for a red squirrel (a lot smaller than Gray Squirrels), but she looks like a painted illustration of what a red squirrel should look like. Even the color of her fur is just right. She has a brother — they have to be from the same litter because they are almost identical except he is bigger — and he’s beautiful, too.

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  1. THE LITTLE GIRL SQUIRREL HAS MOVED IN by Marilyn Armstrong – DEEZ – News about Art, Books & more

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