I’m still in shock that it’s November — and we are two weeks from Thanksgiving! I had the most amazing view out my window two days ago. Today, it’s more empty branches, although the oak leaves aren’t ready to fall yet.

More brown than red, more naked twigs than fall foliage

The passing of autumn is sad. We can feel the bite in the wind and only hope that it’s a mild winter. It’s not just that snow is icy and cold making walking dangerous. It’s also that very low temperatures mean needing more heat. Oil prices are very high.

Watching the seasons change

I was designing the seasons yesterday while we were on the way to Worcester. It was time for my booster. It has been okay without side effects. The lady who gave me the shot was so fast I didn’t even feel the needle. I had to ask her if she was done yet. Best needle of the year.

If I can get the meteorology and physics to work, my plan is four months of spring, three months of summer, four months of autumn, one month of winter with no more than two days of snow on Christmas eve and day. The snow must completely melt before New Year’s. It should get cold enough to make the bugs die, but not so cold that I need an overcoat indoors.


How many pillows do you sleep with?  If over one or two, is it because you sleep better ‘propped up’ a little?

Two, but not piled up. I use them to soften the bed so when I lie on my left side. The extra pillow makes my hip hurt less. Also, because we have a movable bed, one pillow is almost always enough unless you’re sitting up to read.

What would be the worst thing you could put in a piñata?

I think the concept of a piñata is nifty, I’ve never been to a party that featured one. You’ll have to put me down for “no opinion” on this.

What noise annoys you the most?

Beeping and dinging. EVERYTHING beeps or dings. Phones, Alexa, Kindles, computers, ovens, microwaves, dehumidifiers, air conditioners. Sometimes, I hear beeping but I have no idea where that sound is coming from. My phone, for example, dings off and on all day long. I think these are supposed to be alerts coming which I have turned off. So I don’t see alerts unless it’s a text or phone call. Otherwise, it’s just beeping and dinging.

If cartoon physics suddenly replaced real physics, what are some things you would want to try?

First, if we are getting into alternate universes, I want to go to one with a better government, an income we can live on, in a world where people care about each other and nature. I often feel we are already in the wrong universe.

Share something good that has happened to you over the past month.

I hope I’ve solved a few problems by changing medical plans. I won’t know for sure until the beginning of 2022 when the new plan goes live. Meanwhile, I feel I’ve done my best to deal with problems. I hope it works out well. I don’t think there’s much more I can do beyond what I’ve already done so it’s time to stop worrying about it and move on.

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  1. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World and some beautiful photography! You say the autumnal one is ‘brown’ but I see so much color in that…but I live in a place where ‘brown’ IS the primary autumn color. I was really cheered up by the fact that it’s been cold enough this year that we actually got some colored leaves. My Japanese plum has gorgeous rust brown to orange leaves on it. Another couple of people within eye sight have red leaves, I think they have maple trees and there’s gold on the mountain. Very nice. I LOVE your new seasonal arrangement, I could deal with that. Great idea about the virtual world made reality. That sounds like a lovely place to be! Now if only we could work out the logistics of the thing. I hope your new medical coverage is great. I have an increasingly bad plan, but haven’t changed it. I pay for the procrastination too. If it’s as bad next year as I suspect it will be, I might have to go ‘off grid’ for medical stuff period as I can’t afford it now. I know there’ll be a rate hike of some kind. It’s odd how those greedy slobs setting the standards think we’ve all secretly got big wads of gold bars just tucked away for this kind of future. Have a warm and wonderful week!


  2. I hope the winter isn’t too bad there Marilyn! I’m not a fan of winter either! These were great answers!


  3. You are a lady of all seasons ! Good to know that you had the best needle of the year. Oil prices are shooting up here as well. Thankfully it doesn’t snow in many parts of our country.


    • All the problems with delivery and shipping are making prices go sky high. Things like flour for baking, for example — the good stuff — is probably four times higher than last year. Some of the prices are really scary! So it’s not JUST oil. For us, it’s also food. The drought in California combined with all the shipping problems have made fresh food in winter really pricey. And once prices go up, you just know they will never go down.


  4. I like your new order of seasons. For myself, I don’t mind anything much except the hot 🥵 weather, and we have lots of it. The rest is mostly mild.


    • You will notice that spring and fall are the long seasons. We need a bit of summer so the creatures can mate and make little creatures, but I want a nice long spring and a very long fall. I originally wanted just a week of winter, but the ground needs a little more cold time than that. Now, if ONLY I could magic it into reality!

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