This morning, in a single hour, everything our weather can do this time of year happened.

I got up and asked Garry to put out some food for the birds. I changed my mind because I heard thunder and then, lightning. Garry went out, but by the time he exited the door hail, the size of marbles, was pelting down and the rain was coming down as if someone had slit open the clouds. It wasn’t just rain, it was the start of The Flood, probably in honor of the upcoming Passover and Easter holidays.

Garry was drenched in less than a minute, so he put down the feeders on the deck and came back inside. In just another couple of minutes, the sun came out and the hail began to melt.

Thunder roared and lightning lit up the sky. The hail came back, turned into rain, then sun. I am told where there was open sky, there was a rainbow. We didn’t see it because after the sun, lightning, hail, thunder, and more rain — we had a few minutes of sunshine. After that the day settled down to a solid dark grey that lasted until night finally came and all went dark.

I know we often have erratic weather here, but never in one hour have we had so many kinds of weather. It was like all ten commandments, minus the frogs, boils, and blood in the water. Oh, and no death of the newborn babies. Otherwise, it was the plagues — but just for an hour.

The birds were confused.

I was confused.

Garry was just plain soaked.

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  1. Your weather sounds worse than ours, Marilyn. It has been bucketing rain for the past three days here and it is very cold for April in South Africa.

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    • The weather is strange everywhere. Mostly, it has been unusually cold at night with a lot of rain. I don’t mind the rain not after all those years of drought — but yesterday was downright weird. I’ve never seen so many types of weather in a single hour. I hope it doesn’t become a frequent thing. Once was enough. But who knows? Climate change is here and unless we do something about it, it’s not leaving.

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  2. Around here at this time of year it’s on and off. One day you can wear a T-shirt and the next day you need a parka.
    We want to go to the Mountains for a couple of days soon, but always cooler up there so were watching the forecast to make sure it’s not stupid. No fun just sitting in a hotel room.

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    • The weather in our mountains nearby is always much colder and often very foggy and rainy. Worse, the reports never really TELL you what’s going on at a higher altitude. It’s not part of the regular forecast so it’s hard to get the information.

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  3. Give that man a towel and a warm cup of something to hold between his hands.

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  4. I just commented on another post of yours about our crazy weather here! The plagues! Oh my. Lol. I left Friday morning to visit two elementary schools in Branson (with my pup, Finley, and my book),…it snowed on us! Crazy times!

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    • It was like weather on steroids. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It was also the biggest hail I’ve ever seen. Those were BIG pellets. Good think we didn’t have a crop trying to grow because I’m pretty sure even that short a span of hail would have done it in! Weather is changing. Unfortunately, we aren’t changing to make the changing weather settle down.

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      • A reminder of our honeymoon in Ireland where the weather changed every few minutes.

        Or — a scene from “The Ten Commandments” when Moses does his thing.
        So let it be written. So let it be done.


  5. That is crazy weather. It can be changeable here but not like that.

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    • I’ve NEVER seen weather change that fast here or anywhere. It was very changeable in Ireland, but not to this degree and really, it was only rain or not rain — you know, when transient showers come through, so you get rain-not rain-rain-not rain until the clouds pass. But this was WILD.

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  6. That hail storm was mind blowing. I’m a few miles east of you and we had the same. Shocking for April. Great post Marilyn. I hope Garry didn’t get any bruises from those ice marbles hitting his head.

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