It was great to have a nice day without any rain and with sunshine through most of it. As evening was coming round, it started to cool down and I had to run around and close all the windows, but at least we had a day when they were open for most of it.

Easter lily and orchids in sunshine

Tomorrow I will have to try to get both sets of orchids and the easter lily into one coherent shot. I don’t know if I can. I have to be careful when I move the orchids. They are sturdy flowers, but their stems snap if you move them the wrong way. I have snapped whole stems in the past one of which was full of buds. I had to wait months for new buds to form. These days, I’m super careful.

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10 replies

  1. Beautiful combination 😀


    • Thank you. It’s hard to get all the flowers in one picture because they are at very different heights, so I settled for the lily and the violet orchids. I tried again today, but to get them all I had to back up so far, I got mostly a lot of other junk. Maybe I’ll try with a wider angle lens and see if that works better.


  2. Beautiful! Yay to sunshine!


  3. very nice! I am glad it was sunny there today. It rained all day here. Torential rain too. Xx


    • The sky is dark grey today and it has just started to rain. The daffodils are up, though, so that’s something and there are dozens and dozens of daylily shoots not only IN the garden, but everywhere else where the seeds have spread. So IF it stops raining, I’ll take pictures. If. It. Stops. Raining.


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