CBWC: Centered in Black & White

Generally, I use some degree of offset for almost all my pictures, but sometimes, I just want that shot right in the middle. It turns out to be harder to accomplish than one might think. Sometimes, your lens isn’t the right length or there are physical constraints — doors, pillars, and other immovable objects that won’t let you be where you need to be to get the picture. Software isn’t always able to make up the difference. All of these were intentionally centered. If they aren’t dead in the middle it’s because I just couldn’t get that angle.

Northfield airport. Those little carts came close to running me down. I had to stand slightly to one side to avoid becoming a statistic.
Heart of an orchid centered
Intentionally centered
Hoisted Plymouth Prowler. This was as centered as the physical layout of the room allowed. Walls and pillars got in my way.
Black & White

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  1. I adore your starling photo. Great photos for this week. 😀


  2. I love that beautiful orchid shot – so effective to combine soft focus with B&W!


    • Thank you. I always find it sort of odd, but sometimes soft focus appears sharper. Maybe it’s because it allows other areas of the photograph to be seen when the contrast is lowered. I don’t usually like flowers in black & white, but I make an exception for orchids. They are so geometric!


  3. I think you nailed it with these Marilyn, even the Plymouth. It is sometimes harder to do than you think, especially if you tend to prefer off centre.


    • Off center is natural and easy. Sometimes, I really want it in the middle. That’s when I discover cars and trucks trying to hit me, the edges of cliffs, fences, walls, and pillars. I was much more adventurous when I was younger. These days, I’m VERY careful. My derring-do has gone. I feel happy when I can actually walk across a field and not fall down.

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      • I used to like to squat for a low shot sometimes. Can’t do that so easily these days. I’ll either fall over or if I kneel, find it hard to get back up again.


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